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VMware Validated Designs – Certified Partner Architecture Program

At VMworld 2015 there has been a lot of excitement around the newly announced VMware Validated Designs – those prescriptive Software-Defined Data Center architectures & designs being created and validated by VMware experts and made available to you.

Included as part of the VMware Validated Designs announcements is a new Certified Partner Architecture Program, and I’d like to take a minute to introduce you to this program and help you understand how it works and point you to where you can get more information.

Introducing the Certified Partner Architecture Program

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VMware Validated Designs – A POD by POD Breakdown

In my last post I gave an introduction to the VMware Validated Design PODs – Management POD, Edge POD and Compute POD.  In this post I’d like to go over each of these PODs in a more detail.

Management POD

B3-F1Every IT infrastructure has a basic set of infrastructure components needed to instantiate the environment.  In the VMware Validated Design, these infrastructure components go into what is called the Management POD. In both the Data Center Foundation and IT Automation Cloud, the Management POD is comprised of a minimum of four ESXi hosts.  These four hosts are configured in a vSphere cluster with HA and DRS both enabled.  Hence you will often see the Management POD referred to as a Management Cluster.  Storage for the Management Cluster is provided using VSAN, which is nice as it eliminates any dependency on an external storage subsystem, while still providing a high-performing and highly scalable storage solution.  It is on this management cluster that we run all the SDDC “infrastructure” components, to include, but by no means limited to the: Platform Services Controller, vCenter Server, NSX Manager, NSX Controllers, etc.  Additional infrastructure components are also typically run on the Management Cluster, these can include Active Directory, DNS, DHCP and the like.

Edge POD

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VMware Validated Design – PODs, The Building Blocks of the SDDC

If you’ve spent anytime looking into the VMware Validate Designs, then you’ve surely noticed the designs are built around what VMware is calling PODs.  The use of the term POD can be a bit tricky, at least it was for me.  I think that most of us would readily associate a “POD” with some kind of modular container that is used to store things, and if that’s the case, then you’re on the right track.  Within the context of the VMware Validated Design, a POD actually refers to something called a “Point of Delivery”, but it’s okay to think of a “Point of Delivery” as a type of container used to store things.   Let me explain. Continue reading

VMware Announces the VMware Validated Designs

In case you missed it, VMware recently announced the VMware Validated Designs.  What exactly is a VMware Validated Design?  Well, think of it as a blueprint for implementing a Software-Defined Data Center.  Here’s a link to a recent post on the VMware CTO Blog that introduces the VMware Validated Designs.  In addition, here’s a link to a brief conceptual video that provides a nice overview as well.


In the announcement, they mention there will eventually be a number of validated designs made available, but out the gate as of today, there are two. One is called the “Data Center Foundation” and the other the “Single-Region IT Automation Cloud”.  I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to these first two designs and help you understand their purpose and how they can be used to help you get started with implementing your own Software-Defined Data Center. Continue reading