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Actual live-and-in-person public and hybrid cloud customers and builders at VMworld

VMworld Las Vegas is just two weeks' away, yet to read the Twittersphere and the Blogoverse, one might think that enterprise public clouds, and hybrid cloud use (where an organization deploys an application across private & public clouds) were figments of a fevered imagination. It would follow that actual people who have built and used this style of cloud cannot exist, or must be mistaken. But they do exist, they are passionate and intelligent, and at VMworld you can meet some of them "live and in person", as they say in Vegas.

At session CIM4813 (Wed 2pm), Real-world cloud experiences, I have the pleasure of leading a distinguished panel of enterprise cloud customers:

  • Dr Stewart Lee, Head of IT for the oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford, will talk about their innovative Database-as-a-service and hybrid cloud approach.
  • Paul McNamara, Entrepreneur in Residence at Adobe, will talk about the future of customer experience, and how key features of enterprise clouds help make it possible.
  • Chris Spence, CTO of the National Democratic Institute, will speak to how cloud helps his non-partisan NGO bring democracy to five continents.
  • Drew Garner, Director of Architecture Delivery at travel and expense expert Concur, will explain how a blend of on-premises infrastructure, hosting and cloud helps them scale to serve over 12,000 customers and rapidly integrate new acquisitions like TripIt.

Within the Cloud Infrastructure and Management track:

CIM 2520 (Mon 11am): Link Alander and Cory Bradfield from Lone Star College on leveraging Public, Private and Hybrid clouds in Higher Education

CIM 2343 (Wed 9.30am): Building a real-life high-performance financial services cloud, with Feargal O'Sullivan from NYSE Euronext. Offering basic VM provisioning is, to a degree, the easy part. This is a chance to learn what makes a vertical cloud special with details of NYSE's capital markets community cloud.

CIM 2750 (Mon & Wed 11am): Are all clouds commodity? With Andrew Phillips from open source API specialists jclouds.org and Pat O'Day from Bluelock.

CIM 3177 (Mon 2pm): Cloud architectures to deliver healthcare as a service with Christopher Reed, INX, Stephen Henson, Concentra, Steven Kaplan, INX and Mariano Maluf of vCloud Powered provider GNAX.

CIM 2628 (Tue 5.30pm): How Equinix implemented a smart development cloud with Brian Lillie, Equinix and Martin van Ryswyk, Electric Cloud.

CIM 2865 (Wed 12.30pm): Escaping the Chaos Monkey, Enterprise vs. Commodity Public Cloud, with me, Mathew Lodge. How and why are enterprise clouds different, explained with the help of "chaos monkeys" and other metaphorical animals.

Why is this controversial? It shouldn't be, but just last week, I was harangued by twitter chatter that enterprise public and hybrid clouds didn't really exist, and that, if they did, they were too enterpricey (you see what he did there?) This depsite there being seven cloud providers in the VMware vCloud Datacenter Services program, another 32 live and in production who have earned the vCloud Powered Service badge (see Joe Andrews' post on this earlier this week), and two successful vCloud Express providers (here and here) that offer more compute for your buck than Amazon EC2, while being more compatible with your existing VMs.

To summarize, at VMworld you'll get the opportunity to hear from a number of VMware customers doing all kinds of interesting things in public and hybrid cloud deployments, some of them previously deemed impossible :-) If you're attending, I hope you take the opportunity to attend one or more of these sessions and if you've got your own example, I'd be delighted to hear about that too. Maybe you can come back next year and tell VMworld attendees about it. See you there!