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Introducing the VMware Validated Designs Web Site and Early Access Community

At VMworld 2015 in San Francisco we announced the VMware Validated Designs.   At the time the program was so new that we didn’t even have a web page created for it.  However, we promised folks that a web page was on its way and today I’m happy to announce that it’s up and running!   At VMworld we also announced that there would be an early access community created for the VMware Validated Designs where you can sign-up and get involved.  I’m happy to announce that that milestone has been completed as well.

VMware Validated Design Web Site

You can now learn about the VMware Validated Designs by vising the official web page located at http://www.vmware.com/software-defined-datacenter/validated-designs.html (or via the  www.vmware.com/go/v2d shortcut).   A couple highlights from this new web page worth calling out:


  1. Conceptual Animation Videos.  On the page there are links to two brief videos that provide a good overview on what a VMware Validated Design is and why VMware has put this program together.  These are a great place to get started.  Watch them yourself and then forward the link off to your manager and co-workers and ask them watch them as well.
  2. White Papers. There are links to the first two sample reference architectures.  I’m sure many of you are curious to see what a VMware Validated Design looks like.  Read these white papers for a glimpse into what the validated design building blocks are and how they are connected to implement a highly available and highly scalable Software-Defined Data Center.  There are currently two white papers:
    1. The Foundation Design, as the name implies, covers building out the SDDC foundation. This paper covers how to deploy the essential elements of compute, storage and network virtualization in order to establish the foundation for your SDDC.
    2. The Automated Provisioning Design builds on the foundation design by adding automation capabilities with vRealize Automation.

Additional Validated Designs are in the works so be sure to check back often for any new updates.

  1. Deployment and Operational Walkthroughs. The web site also includes links to the Deployment and Operational walkthroughs.  These walkthroughs provide examples, with actual screen shots, that show from a product perspective how to get started with implementing and operating an SDDC based on the VMware Validated Designs.


VMware Validated Design Early Access Community

Along with the new web site, we also have created the Validated Designs early access forum within the VMware Communities (https://communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/beta/v2d/overview).  Anyone is welcome to join and participate with us.  The community provides a great opportunity to not only get early access to to future designs, but to engage in discussions with your peers, with VMWare engineers and with product managers.  And of course it’s a great place to provide feedback.  I definitely recommend you take some time to register and spend some time getting familiar with the community site.3-blog

So there you have it.  A quick introduction to our new VMware Validated Design web page and an open invitation to join the early access community.  I look forward to engaging with you in the community!

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