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Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3: Software-Defined Data Center Made Easy

By Wayne Pauley, Director, Business Development, Solutions Engineering, VMware

Last year, VMware and EMC announced the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud version 2.5. This was delivered as a fully engineered solution that included products from EMC and VMware as well as some secret sauce (software bits) that provided ready to use automation and workflows for provisioning services. What this translates to for our customers, is a proven way to see almost immediate time-to-value (day 2 operations!) when implemented on a VCE Vblock. The notion of having a service catalog of hybrid services – IaaS, DBaaS, and APPaaS – only a few clicks away is no longer just aspirational. Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud enables any data center to deliver on demand/self-service hybrid cloud – which typically takes months if not a year- in less than 28 days.

Of course, we haven’t sat still since we shipped Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 2.5 last October. The combined lab teams from the Federation companies – EMC, VCE, RSA, and VMware have continued to work together to deliver a new release, announced today, as Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3.0. This release continues to deliver a fully engineered and validated solution that includes the elements of a full software defined data center, plus we have added the ability to easily and consistently create, deploy and manage advanced multi-tier applications as well as a robust Big Data solution.

First let’s dig into the upgrades to the core Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud capabilities.


APPaaS Support – this release goes beyond IaaS (Infrastructure), DRaaS (Disaster Recovery), and BaaS (Backup) – to now include APPaaS (Applications), which provides for simple management of the full development lifecycle for complex and custom multi-tier applications.
Shorter Time-to-Value – deployment time has been reduced from months to under 28 days, while infrastructure provisioning time reduced 75%.
More Platforms – as always EMC continues to add more of their storage platforms and this release gives customers some awesome choices. Included are all the latest storage devices including VMAX3, Isilon, and ScaleIO.


Puppet integration makes on-going configuration management and deployment of multi-tier applications simple.
Hadoop storage can be deployed on an Isilon HDFS – allowing for quick deployment and scaling of Hadoop clusters.


Micro-segmentation and Encryption – Security is always top of mind when it comes to any IT assets and is particularly critical and we haven’t stopped making security a key objective for Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. This version now includes micro-segmentation and encryption built in. Micro-segmentation implements a granular firewall protection at the application or VM level.

VSPEX Blue Centralized Management:

Centralized Management – For customers who have or are planning on using the VSPEX Blue platform from EMC in remote offices (ROBO) – Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3.0 provides centralized management.


VMware vCloud Air integration – Standard as part of comes the solution – simply turn on the VMware vCloud Air cloud connector and from the same centralized management interface – control and configure and migrate workloads between on-premises private cloud and off-premises public cloud services. By uniquely providing complete interoperability to scale and a mature management toolset that works seamlessly across domains, even the most stringent security and compliance requirements can be met.

What does all this mean? Bottom line? If you had to implement all this on your own – it would take literally months to years to ‘build your own’. We’ve researched the time it would take to install, configure, and then write/test/validate all the scripts included – and it would take a small team a year+ to do. So what you get is a solution that optimizes all the installs, configurations details, and scripts written and tested by our joint engineering teams designed to be ready out of the box. Upgrades? Included. Support? Included. All you have to worry about is using the solution, not building it. Hybrid cloud? That was easy.