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VMware and EMC Expand Focus on Hybrid Cloud, Partner to Deliver Solutions and Services Today

By Loretta Brown, vice president, OEM Alliances, VMware

Today, EMC shared some exciting news – as a part of the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solutions launch, the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Federation Software-Defined Data Center Edition with VMware was announced.

IT departments continue to seek tools to drive greater levels of innovation, all while meeting the evolving and urgent needs of their businesses application demands. With a hybrid cloud, IT organizations have the freedom to move application workloads from the data center to a secure public cloud — with the flexibility to transfer these application workloads back and forth as needed. With these new offerings, and a long-standing partnership, EMC and VMware continue to help our joint customers achieve greater agility with better business outcomes through hybrid cloud offerings that are trusted, as well as simple to deploy and use.

With the now available EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Federation Software-Defined Data Center Edition with VMware solutions, customers get tight integration of EMC solutions and VMware vCloud Air, providing customers with an easy and accelerated path to automate and deliver IT as a service, within their own data centers and extending into the public cloud. This solution provides best practices for deploying a software-defined data center based private cloud on-premises while extending IT virtualization infrastructure capacity to VMware’s public cloud – vCloud Air.

VMware and EMC have also partnered to develop professional services offerings to accelerate our mutual customers’ adoption of the software-defined data center to provide timely results and benefits. Additionally, organizations can take advantage of web-based and instructor led training for the EMC Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Customers can quickly assess their current application portfolios for proper deployment in the software-defined data center for maximum usability and economic benefits. Helping our customers develop their skills to take advantage of this new technology is a major milestone in accelerating adoption and achieving maximum benefit from day 1.

To learn more about EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solutions, please check out the following resources:

• Press release: EMC Redefines Hybrid Cloud for the Enterprise
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EMC blog: “Simplicity and Choice? EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solutions Deliver Both” by Peter Cutts, vice president, Cloud Solutions at EMC

Get to Know the Federation Software-Defined Data Center

By Loretta Brown, vice president, OEM Alliances, VMware

“Software-defined” anything – it’s rapidly becoming a top item on every IT decision maker’s “To Do” list. The potential benefits are too significant to ignore or pass off as the latest trend. There’s not a single IT manager today who isn’t challenged by the velocity of change, the unprecedented exponential growth in data, and the near-instant demand for IT services. A Software-Defined Data Center delivers the speed, flexibility and control IT needs to support the applications of the new mobile-cloud era, as well as the legacy applications that run the business.

But for many customers, the question is not “Should we adopt a software-defined strategy” but more to the point, “How quickly can we adopt a software-defined strategy?” Faced with a variety of choices and challenged to move fast, customers need more than a “Do it Yourself” answer.

And that’s why today’s announcement by the EMC Federation of businesses — EMC Information Infrastructure (EMC II), VMware (NYSE:VMW), Pivotal and RSA. is so relevant. Today, the Federation announced the availability of the Federation Software-Defined Data Center. This solution is a combined effort of the Federation to bring best-of-breed products into a fully integrated, engineered, tested and validated solution for customers and partners. Designed to meet the needs of mission critical enterprise applications, the Federation Software-Defined Data Center will help IT managers and decision makers accelerate their transition to a Software-Defined Enterprise.

By abstracting, pooling, and automating across the infrastructure – compute, storage and networking – we have enabled an environment that can deliver IT at business speed. This solution includes a reference architecture, solutions guide, and newly developed software that automates hundreds of orchestration workflows to accelerate deployment.

The Federation Software-Defined Data Center solution includes:

Management and Orchestration: VMware vCloud Automation Center, VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite, VMware IT Business Management Suite, EMC Storage Resource Manager
Hypervisor: VMware vSphere, the industry’s most widely deployed virtualization platform
Networking: VMware NSX, the network virtualization and security platform for the software-defined data center. VMware NSX brings virtualization to existing networks and transforms network operations and economics.
Storage: EMC ViPR and EMC Storage, EMC Storage Resource Manager

I invite you to learn more about the solution – visit emcfederation.com for more details on the Solution and the Federation.

New VCE Integrated Solution with vRealize Suite: Accelerating Customers’ Path to the Hybrid Cloud

Today, VCE announced a new series of Vblock Systems and solutions, which include pre-integrated, pre-tested and pre-validated management software from VMware, called the VCE Integrated Solution for Cloud Management with VMware. This integrated solution will utilize VMware vRealize Suite, a cloud management platform for managing private, public or hybrid clouds.

This is a great option for VCE customers who are looking for the power and fast time to value of converged infrastructure. This new offering can quickly deliver and manage cloud infrastructure and application services with the control IT needs.

The VCE Integrated Solution for Cloud Management with VMware is a comprehensive foundational offering, and is a result of the longtime partnership between VCE and VMware. This solution will provide functionality and initial start up services to get an initial private cloud foundation up and running quickly using VMware management technologies. It will also give customers the option to extend to public cloud services with a unified management experience.

VMware vRealize Suite contains the products formerly known as vCloud Automation Suite, vCenter Operations Management Suite, vCenter Log Insight and IT Business Management Suite. VMware vRealize Suite integrates the capabilities of all of these solutions to deliver a powerful hybrid cloud management platform.

VMware vRealize Suite is optimized for VMware vSphere, but also works with Microsoft Hyper-V, and public clouds, such as VMware vCloud Air and Amazon Web Services, as well as those based on OpenStack. As a result, VCE customers will be able to maximize the value of their Vblock System investment.

As customers shift to managing diverse environments, the need for unified management solutions is crucial. At VMware, we are uniquely and strongly positioned to deliver this with VMware vRealize Suite.

We look forward to continuing to support organizations as they shift to managing hybrid and flexible software-defined data centers, and are proud to work closely with partners like VCE.

By Ramin Sayar, senior vice president and general manager, Cloud Management Business Unit, VMware