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Changes to Pricing Model

You may have heard the rumors and speculation that VMware is changing its pricing model with the introduction of a new version of VMware vSphere.  There’s only one way to find out the complete story – join us at VMworld San Francisco on August 27th to hear all the newsworthy announcements.

If you can’t join us in person next week, you can stay on top of the latest announcements about VMware’s cloud strategy and solutions by tuning into VMware NOW, the new online destination for breaking news, product announcements, videos and demos at: http://vmware.com/go/now

5 thoughts on “Changes to Pricing Model

  1. John

    You may have just as well said “The rumors are true join us for the details”.

    Seriously, no vRam tax and Pricing model changes are really the only way get effectively combat Hyper-V 2012’s features set.

  2. Darren

    Doesn’t seem that long ago they changed the pricing model to rip a lot of people off by introducing the vram charge. Guess they didn’t squeeze people enough and probably want to get more out of us.

  3. Robert

    Apparently now that Hyper-V 2012 is a strong product, VMware has rethought their rip-off pricing model introduced with 5.0. Hopefully 5.1 will be competitive with Hyper-V 2012, or they will start losing customers over the next 2 years.

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