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Customers and Partners Weigh in on Why vSphere 5 is The Best Platform for Cloud Infrastructure


By: Michael Adams, Group Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Infrastructure 

It’s been a little more than seven months since we announced the general availability of VMware vSphere 5. With almost 200 new and enhanced capabilities, vSphere 5 simplifies the lives of our customers and delivers quick and tangible value to their organizations. Simply put, with vSphere 5 and the VMware Cloud Infrastructure Suite, we are enabling our customers to take advantage of the next era of IT.

Since we launched vSphere 5, the feedback we’ve been getting from our customers and partners has been really positive. I’d like to share some interesting insights from a recent TechValidate survey of more than 1,200 VMware beta customers and partners:

  • 70% of respondents surveyed have downloaded and deployed vSphere 5 and are taking advantage of the great new features and capabilities that vSphere 5 has to offer.


  • 82% of those respondents are using vSphere 5 to virtualize their business critical workloads and applications. vSphere 5 is designed to enable customers to run their business critical applications with confidence and this is made possible in part by the great availability features in vSphere 5. Customers and partners are excited about vSphere’s availability features and in particular are using vMotion (92%), High Availability (87%) and Storage vMotion (68%).


  • One of the significant advancements in vSphere 5 is all about automation, no more manual processes, it’s about automating everything. With vSphere 5, customers and partners have the ability to automate datacenter resource management to respond to the needs of their business faster and reduce operating expenses. More than 70% of respondents are achieving OpEx savings with vSphere 5.


  • Other key advancements of vSphere 5 are the storage enhancements we made to simplify the management of storage and automate load balancing capabilities. We found that 80% percent of respondents have upgraded to VMFS 5, and are able take advantage of the increased scalability and performance of this filesystem. Additionally, we found 52% of respondents are using Storage DRS and are able to take advantage of how this feature automatically manages the placement and balancing of a VM across storage resources. We are also seeing great uptick of new storage features including Storage I/O Control, which allows customers to configure rules and polices to specify the business priority of each VM and Profile-Driven Storage, which streamlines storage provisioning and ensures application services match the available storage.

We want to share some commentary from customers on their experiences, lets hear it in their own words:

“vSphere 5 is a game changing product. Much better product than anything else on the market. vSphere is 2 years ahead of the competition.”

“I have deployed vSphere 5 globally, upgrading from version 4. Being able to deploy Linux and Windows servers on ESXi reduces our cost of purchasing hardware globally. We also benefit from High Availability (HA), and other products, such as vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM).”

“I believe we will be able to accommodate larger workloads with more confidence using vSphere 5. The Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (Storage DRS) feature is fantastic as we migrate VMs for efficiency and refresh.”

“We’ve dramatically reduced timelines from first deployment to seeing relevant returns on investment, greater agility and better consolidation ratios including business critical workloads with vSphere 5.”

You can see the full results of the survey by visiting the TechValidate results page here.

VMware vFabric Application Director is Now Available to Simplify and Automate Releasing Applications to the Cloud

At VMworld Copenhagen last October, we unveiled three new suites to help customers transform how they manage infrastructure, applications and the business of IT in virtual and cloud environments.  Our vFabric Application Management Suite is comprised of two new solutions that streamline the processes of packaging, deploying, monitoring and optimizing applications on hybrid cloud infrastructures. Last November, we announced the general availability of the first of these two solutions – vFabric Application Performance Manager Today, I’m pleased to report the general availability of the second – vFabric Application Director

vFabric Application Director is the result of more than two years of intense development to deliver a completely new approach to provisioning and managing applications. As IT organizations accelerate their virtualization adoption and form their cloud strategies, there is an emerging opportunity to revolutionize how applications are being built, deployed and managed to better serve business needs. Together with vFabric Application Performance Manager, vFabric Application Director provides a complete solution for the challenge of meeting the business’s growing appetite for new applications and upgrades to existing applications.

There are a lot of solutions in the marketplace attempting to address the challenge of simplifying and accelerating the build and release of applications onto cloud infrastructure. Most do so with a bottom-up, script- (or orchestration-) heavy approach that grew out of the traditional world of physical IT:  provision a server, layer an OS on top, stick some software on top of that and then move on to the next server. This approach is too rigid and inflexible to take advantage of the choices cloud provides: where to run your application (private, public, hybrid cloud), what scale to run it at, and what middleware or web services you wish to leverage.

So if the traditional approach doesn’t work, what’s the answer? 

Purpose-built for the cloud era, vFabric Application Director empowers IT organizations that subscribe to the cloud journey, enabling them to adopt an efficient, agile approach to the deployment process. Leveraging the concept of an application blueprint as well as templated application components, vFabric Application Director allows you to “declare” the application and service structure while assuming that the underlying cloud infrastructure will deliver on the compute, network and storage as required.

Out of the box optimized for the vFabric product family, vFabric Application Director significantly automates and streamlines your build and release efforts. We found some of our beta customers and early adopters were able to cut setup time from more than four days to just 2.5 hours for a typical multi-tier application. And since you only have to create an application blueprint once, you avoid the need for multiple, tedious setups across development, test, staging and production.

Once built (it takes just minutes using drag and drop capabilities) these blueprints can be deployed on any VMware vSphere-based private or public cloud, delivering on the cloud promise of choice. This approach frees developers and application administrators from dealing with infrastructure, OS and middleware configuration issues, allowing them to focus on delivering business value with their applications.


However, managing an application doesn’t end with its deployment. Just as critical is the operations team’s ability to monitor it in production. vFabric Application Director enables you to set up monitoring of your application as part of the deployment process. And that’s where our other solution, vFabric Application Performance Manager, kicks in.

As with any great product, vFabric Application Director wouldn’t have been possible without a great team, and I’d like to thank and congratulate all those involved in its development. We’ve learned a lot over the past 24 months, not just about the product itself, but also about how to develop, deploy and manage applications in the cloud. And we’re applying that insight to shape the next generation of our application management solutions.

To find out more about vFabric Application Director and download a trial copy today, please visit: http://www.vmware.com/products/application-platform/vfabric-appdirector/overview.html