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VMware vFabric Application Performance Manager Now Available to Deliver a New Approach to Managing Applications for the Cloud Era

I am very excited to announce on behalf of VMware the availability of a new management solution. vFabric Application Performance Manager was launched on the main stage at VMworld Copenhagen just two weeks ago to an enthusiastic response by customers, analysts and the press, and it’s with great pride as the Product Manager of this new solution that I am now announcing its availability to our customers. This is the first solution we are bringing to market of the three new suites we unveiled at the show to help customers transform how they manage infrastructure, applications and business services in virtual and cloud environments.

vFabric Application Performance Manager is focused on managing the health and performance of applications deployed on virtual and cloud infrastructures. It’s the culmination of more than 18 months’ in-house innovation and development combined with IP from several acquisitions VMware has made over past few years (B-Hive, Spring Source and Hyperic, to name a few). 

Personally, I’m delighted VMware has reached this milestone as I joined the company 18 months ago to define our application management strategy and product roadmap. vFabric Application Performance Manager is the first of a series of new products and solutions we will deliver in the app management space over the course of the next year (but as all parents know there’s always a soft spot for the first born! J)

Of course, you may be asking – why all the excitement?  It’s not as if Application Performance Management is a new market and, yes, Application Performance Management solutions have been around for quite some time. After all, some would claim that virtualization and cloud are just two more layers on top of the OS. Given that perspective, what’s the big deal about yet another application management offering?

Here’s the deal. Traditional management approaches designed for static application architectures get in the way of unlocking the full potential of cloud computing. Applications today are going through a tremendous shift with the emergence of new, lighter platforms and development frameworks that greatly accelerate and streamline application modernization and development. These developments reflect the growing acceptance of workload virtualization as the de facto emerging standard. It’s a natural next step in the journey to cloud and IT as a Service. 

At VMware, we have built vFabric Application Performance Management in a way that empowers application owners to leverage the constructs of virtualization to assure optimized service levels and customer satisfaction. This approach becomes critical in the cloud era, given the need for flexible resources and the ability to scale applications up and down based on fluctuating business demand.

With vFabric Application Performance Manager, application owners will now be able to work with IT more efficiently to solve potential performance problems early on with real-time visibility into transaction performance and embedded details on resource and code performance. While simple to use, vFabric Application Performance Manager also streamlines application support processes so that application build, release and monitoring teams can collaborate and maintain application performance more effectively. And with the ability to track live changes and cost across any cloud, application owners will now have the insight to know how and where exactly to scale their applications.

vFabric Application Performance Manager, together with vFabric AppDirector (a complementary solution for application provisioning and deployment that was also announced at VMworld Copenhagen), supports VMware’s Active Application Management strategy. Active Application Management is aimed at streamlining the processes of packaging, deploying, monitoring and optimizing applications on hybrid cloud infrastructures. It’s a significant step forward in enabling our customers’ adoption of a modern cloud operating model.

From time to time I meet customers who still view VMware as just a virtualization platform company. The reality is, we are now building a broad set of management offerings designed to help IT organizations improve agility, reduce cost and achieve greater business value. In the era of cloud computing, we believe it’s time for IT management to rethink its approach to management – vFabric Application Performance Manager is one of our new solutions to help you do just that.

To find out more about vFabric Application Performance Manager and download a trial copy today, please visit: http://www.vmware.com/products/datacenter-virtualization/vfabric-application-performance-manager/overview.html