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A Cloud For Europe: Colt Expands vCloud Datacenter Service

Yesterday at VMworld in Copenhagen, Colt announced further expansion of its vCloud Datacenter Services into four new European countries – France, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. But doesn’t the cloud mean you don’t care where your computing is done, so long as it’s secure and cost effective? Why does it matter that there’s now a local vCloud Datacenter Service in all these countries?

All vCloud Datacenter Services offer a globally-consistent infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) service definition that is audited and certified by VMware. The goal is to allow VMware customers to deploy to the cloud in any geography with no changes to the application. IaaS is a highly competitive market and each service provider delivers additional value around that core IaaS offering. Colt’s announcement is good example of their differentiation, and also underlines the importance of intimate local market knowledge for cloud.

At the core of this expansion is that the three most important issues in cloud computing for European organizations are location, location and location. Data privacy and security legislation varies significantly from country to country, which means that knowing where your data is located and who has jurisdiction and access are vital to a cloud for Europe. If you’re an organization operating in Switzerland and have Swiss customer data, you have to comply with that country’s strict information privacy and data retention laws. Putting your data in (say) Ireland doesn’t cut it.

European organizations are also leery of a variety of US laws and its law enforcement approaches, notably the Patriot Act and the FBI’s use of National Security Letters (NSLs) to enforce it. NSLs allow the FBI to order any service provider in its jurisdiction to hand over electronic communications or data without review or demonstration of probable cause, and to retain that data indefinitely. The FBI can also simultaneously gag the recipient, who cannot disclose that the request has been made. The American Civil Liberties Union estimated that more than 40,000 NSLs are issued each year. As a result, there’s a growing market for cloud service providers that are not subject to US jurisdiction.

The net? Working with a cloud service provider like Colt that stays on top of the shifting sands of EU and individual country regulations, and who offers very specific data locality and security in its cloud services is an important differentiator. Colt is able to make the decision simple – with its vCloud Datacenter Service you can co-locate your computing with your data inside country boundaries. Need to comply with Swiss privacy regulations? Deploy your application and keep its data in Switzerland, with a back-up site in the same country.

Read more about Colt’s expansion here.


Los Alamos National Laboratory wins two awards for their cloud service offering

We want to congratulate Los Alamos National Laboratory for two great achievements with their cloud service, "Infrastructure on Demand"! They were named a “Government Innovator” in the InformationWeek 500 awards for their work in deploying a private cloud that now allows their organization to offer infrastructure as a service to Los Alamos researchers. InformationWeek highlights "The service, called Infrastructure on Demand, represents the Department of Energy's first foray into IaaS, and through Infrastructure on Demand's self-service portal, Los Alamos has cut a 30-day server provisioning process down to 30 minutes, and in its first six months, the service was used to provision more than 700 virtual machines." To read more, visit: http://www.techweb.com/news/231600939/15-government-it-innovators-informationweek-500.html

On Tuesday, October 11, the SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security (SANS) Institute will be presenting a National Cybersecurity Innovation award to LANL for their cloud service. LANL will be receiving the award and presenting at SANS Institute as part of the track on "Award-winning Cloud Initiatives in Government." SANS Institute highlights that in this session, LANL will discuss how Infrastructure on Demand features an innovative cloud security and automation architecture, leveraging VMware's vShield and LANL-written active defense on behalf of the workload clients. Key features include:

1. Automated provisioning of workloads into secure enterprise enclaves.

2. Mapping physical security into a virtual security model using VMware vShield.

3. Employing automated remediation features to offline non-compliant workloads.

4. Extension of a private cloud security framework into a secure hybrid cloud.

To read more, visit: http://www.sans.org/security-training/award-winning-security-cloud-mobile-computing-unpleasant-surprises-cloud-vendor-1621-mid

We are happy to see LANL recognized for two prestigious awards for their innovative cloud service offering!

Dean Coza
Director of Security Product Management

Hybrid cloud customer panel at VMworld Copenhagen

Next week I have the pleasure of moderating a hybrid cloud customer panel at VMworld Copenhagen. The speakers are VMware customers deploying their applications to private and public clouds, and they'll be speaking about their experiences and goals in session CIM 4813 on Tuesday October 18 at 13:30.

Dr Stuart Lee from the University of Oxford will be talking about their innovative database as a service application deployed to their private cloud and to Colt's vCloud Datacenter Service.

Stephen Speirs, CIO of Charles River Labs has an agenda to migrate this leading lab and research services company to enterprise-class public clouds over the next few years, getting out of the business of managing on-premises infrastructure. Learn about their experiences using a hybrid cloud to make that transition.

Francis Hart is Chief Architect at game publisher and developer Sega Europe. Learn how they're making Sega more productive and more secure using hybrid clouds — and the difference between commodity and enterprise public clouds.

This promises to be an interesting panel for those considering or making the move to hybrid cloud. Please join me and take adavtage of the ability to hear from these cloud leaders and the Q&A session afterwards.