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VMware: Building the Foundation for the Cloud Era with the launch of vSphere 5 and the Cloud Infrastructure Suite

Today marks a major milestone for us here at VMware. Not only did we announce a new major release of our flagship virtualization and cloud platform, vSphere 5, but we also unveiled a comprehensive suite of cloud infrastructure technologies that are purpose-built to help customers transform their virtualized datacenters into cloud environments.

Over the past decade, vSphere has become the virtualization standard for the enterprise, SMB and global service provider markets. We estimate that at the end of 2010, customers who deployed virtualization had 40 percent of their workloads virtualized. Impressive. By the end of this year, estimates indicate that customers will have crossed the 50 percent virtualization mark.  Independent analysts IDC and Gartner have each found similar customer metrics. With that, the end of the physical era of IT is well in sight, and we are onto the cloud era!

And it all started in 2001, when VMware launched ESX Server 1, the first x86 bare metal hypervisor. Since then, we’ve kept a breathtaking pace of innovation, and today is no exception: vSphere 5 has almost 200 new and enhanced capabilities that will simplify the lives of our customers, and deliver quick and tangible value to their organizations. The complete new feature list might be somewhat daunting, but the infographic below offers a fun look at the evolution of the product, and how vSphere has transformed IT.

VSphere Infographic
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But the journey continues and we are focused on the next era of IT:  cloud computing. Our commitment is to help our customers reap the benefits of cloud on their own terms. That means leveraging the strong vSphere foundation to build a hybrid cloud architecture that offers customers the optimum balance of on- and off-premise infrastructure. 

At the core of this commitment is the sustained pace of innovation and the focus on product quality that convinced more than 250,000 customers and 5,100 service providers to entrust their applications to VMware. To these customers and partners, we would like to say “thank you!” On behalf of everyone at VMware, we look forward to continuing to set the standard for virtualization and cloud infrastructure. Today is a day of celebration!

Bogomil Balkansky
Vice President, Product Marketing 

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