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New cloud readiness self-assessment tool

“Poor leadership and misalignment is a people problem and ain’t no cloud ever gonna fix that.” This heartfelt tweet came from a large enterprise engineering lead responsible for private cloud. It gets to the core of a key question: how, exactly, does an IT organization deal with people and process issues on the path transform itself to deliver IT as a service?

To help organizations determine where to start, VMware has launched a new web-based cloud readiness self-assessment tool: http://www.vmware.com/go/getcloudready 

By asking you a short series of questions on readiness, the tool aims to give you a profile of readiness around people and process associated with cloud infrastructure deployment, and identify areas of focus. It asks questions in five core areas: 

1.       Strategy: Does your cloud strategy align business needs/goals with IT capabilities?

2.       Process: Are your processes streamlined and automated to support cloud computing?

3.       Skills: Is your staff skilled and trained to support cloud adoption in your organization?

4.       Architecture: What should you be aware of when architecting and deploying infrastructure for cloud?

5.       Alignment: What is needed to ensure accountability and policy follow-through for stakeholder collaboration?

There may be questions you haven’t considered, or you may get validation of your current approach. Everyone gets a personalized report with specific recommendations and best practices from the VMware cloud team.

Check it out at http://www.vmware.com/go/getcloudready 


One thought on “New cloud readiness self-assessment tool

  1. Open Hosting

    It takes some planning to convert over to the cloud but once completed correctly organizations can feel it where it counts…their wallets.

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