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VMware vCloud Director officially available

As the Product Marketing Manager for VMware vCloud Director,
I am very excited to announce that as of Monday, August 30, VMware vCloud
Director is generally available (GA) to the public. 

This is a groundbreaking product.  The technology under the covers is unabashedly
complex, yet the user experience is fantastically simple.  And this is reflective of the very magic underlying
the product – the creation of complete logical separation between the consumption
of IT services and the delivery and management of the infrastructure that
supports them.  IT can give users
self-service access to their own isolated “virtual datacenters,” new units of
consumption in the cloud that represent pools of compute, storage, and
networking resources.   Users deploy into these pools using
standardized infrastructure service catalogs through a Flash-based web UI.  On the back-end, IT can manage and architect
the datacenter in the most efficient way, without unnecessarily siloed

In this way, VMware vCloud Director is the
first product that truly enables cloud computing in existing datacenters.  While public clouds have a number of great
benefits – most notably instant access to on-demand capacity – most of our
customers need a solution that provides these same benefits with the security,
control, and long-term cost efficiency of their existing datacenter.  And let’s not forget existing applications,
hardware investments, people and skills. 
For most customers, the most pragmatic path to cloud computing is a
dual-pronged approach that includes evolving existing datacenters into private
clouds and using public cloud resources where necessary.  In fact, we believe most customers will find
that a hybrid environment using both public and private clouds is the best

And when it comes to hybrid clouds – only VMware provides a
clear and pragmatic path.  It’s not
enough to say that you have a private cloud and a public cloud – managing this
sort of “mixed” cloud might actually be more complex than before.  Instead, VMware's vCloud Director provides a common, consistent platform for both internal private clouds as well as external public clouds.  In our hybrid cloud vision, customers have
the ability to migrate workloads between clouds and interact with all clouds through the same set of
programmatic interfaces and management tools. 
By VMware vCloud Director leveraging open standards such the VMware vCloudTM API
and the Open
Virtualization Format (.ovf)
, and being used by a massive network of over 1,700
VMware vCloud service provider partners, we enabled customers to
easily extend their datacenter capacity and manage public cloud capacity as
easily as their own private cloud.   And
this week, we also launched VMware
vCloud Datacenter Services
, our solution to ensure customers have access to
trusted, secure, and compatible public clouds that are ready for the hybrid

Over the past few months, I’ve worked with some of our most
ambitious customers, building full private clouds on pre-release versions of
vCloud Director, vCenter Chargeback, vShield Edge, vSphere Enterprise Plus, and
vCenter Server.  All of the pilots were
successes, and the customers found a number of great uses for the product:

  • Enabling the sales force to set up demos of complex
    software products to customers on the fly
  • Consolidating datacenters and vCenter silos onto
    a shared infrastructure
  • Providing developers and researchers a virtual
    sandbox for their applications
  • Segregating and offloading data onto secure
    public clouds
  • Simplifying compliance by standardizing on
    pre-approved infrastructure and application templates
  • Enabling the easy transfer of workloads within
    an enterprises two datacenters
  • Transforming a business
    model away from selling software on managed servers to providing convenient
    access to centrally hosted resources

Stay tuned on ReThink IT for more discussions on how VMware
is leading the way with cloud computing to take the complexity out of IT.  My colleague, Murthy, has been exploring many
of these issues around cloud computing and, with his literary acumen, can
explain even the most complex technology concept to a pre-schooler.  I encourage you to join the conversation here
and on the VMware
Communities site for VMware vCloud Director

And by the way, check out the article
in the Wall Street Journal featuring VMware vCloud Director.


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  1. Girish

    vCloud Director a great product. wish we could save energy even while going through the datasheet.scroll fewer times to get all the right information for decision making or other purpose. kind of spoilt for choice, get to see too many good things about the product in too many columns in the sheet. think it becomes even more interesting to read it on a iPad or a mobile or smartphone….

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