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We think it’s time to rethink

Bogomil Balkansky here, vice president of product marketing for virtualization and cloud platforms at VMware. Our team is responsible for bringing to market all of VMware’s datacenter products, including vSphere and the vCenter product family.

Welcome to our new blog.

Our driving mission at VMware is to reduce the complexity of IT. Our customers are on a journey. For many, it started with server consolidation initiatives. Now, on the back of the success and value these projects have achieved, virtualization is becoming the foundation for a more flexible, scalable IT infrastructure that can be delivered as a service. AKA Cloud Computing.

“The Cloud,” IT-as-a-service, utility computing — whatever you call it – represents the same thing: the next era in computing. It’s a very exciting time to be in this industry. We are on the precipice of great change, and this is a time of market disruption, technology innovation, emerging models, opportunity, promise and confusion.

I am very lucky to be part of a team – a company – that is passionate about its products, its customers and the process of pioneering the next era of IT. With this blog, we hope to give you a window into this experience, sharing our stories, offering perspective, and diving deep into the issues, challenges, and technologies involved in the journey from the physical to the virtual data center and onto the cloud. Some of the topics we’re passionate about:

  • Virtualization “Phase 2.” Server consolidation most certainly delivers benefits. However, it’s really only the beginning. VMware did not invent disaster recovery – we just make it better and more reliable. VMware did not invent provisioning – we just make it faster. Business continuity and improved agility – these are the benefits our customers in “Phase 2” of the journey are realizing today.
  • The virtual data center as a disruptive force. Virtualization and cloud computing represent a new approach to IT, and this means new approaches to many of its disciplines. Management and security are two that immediately come to mind. How will these areas change in the “new world?”
  • The path to the private cloud. At VMware, we define cloud computing as an approach that leverages the efficient pooling of virtual infrastructure, consumed as a service. We believe that virtualization is the way forward, and we’ll explore the technology that will enable the next era of IT.

Through our posts, we’ll share what we think, and we’d like to invite you to join the conversation. Have a topic you’d like to hear more about? An experience you’d like to share? A perspective or idea? Leave us a comment.