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VMware vSphere 5.5 Hardening Guide Compliance Toolkit

I was recently asked on Twitter when the vSphere 5.5 Hardening Guide would be available as a compliance toolkit. I wanted to make sure that everyone knew this is currently available and can be downloaded using the CCW tool. Some information regarding this release :

  • 4 versions to pick from (full, profile 1, profile 2, and profile 3)
  • 1 collection filter set containing 18 collection filters
  • 28 ruler groups
  • 8 templates
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Erin K. Banks

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Erin K. Banks is a Senior Systems Engineer at VMware. She is focused on Security and Virtualization in the U.S. Federal Government and Public Sector. She has been in the network and security industry for over 10+ years supporting Fortune 500 organizations and most recently Department of Defense, SLED, and Civilian entities. She is a published author and speaker on Security and Virtualization topics. She holds the CISSP and CISA certifications as well as many other industry certifications. She is an avid runner, consumer of information, and enjoys evangelizing about information technology and security issues. To contact her, reach out on twitter, @banksek

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    1. Erin K. BanksErin K. Banks Post author

      Thank you for asking the question. Not all the rules can be automated. For example, vSphere 5 R1V3 has 216 recommendations. Out of these recommendations, 105 can be automated, 100 are manual processes, and 11 can not be implemented in vCM

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