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The Extreme Performance Series at VMworld 2017

I’m excited to announce that the “Extreme Performance Series” is back for its 5th year, and with 7 additional sessions, it’s our largest year ever! These sessions are created and presented by VMware’s best and most distinguished performance engineers, principals, architects and gurus. You do not want to miss these advanced sessions.

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Introducing VMmark3: A highly flexible and easily deployed benchmark for vSphere environments

VMmark 3.0, VMware’s multi-host virtualization benchmark is generally available here.  VMmark3 is a free cluster-level benchmark that measures the performance, scalability, and power of virtualization platforms.

VMmark3 leverages much of previous VMmark generations’ technologies and design.  It continues to utilize a unique tile-based heterogeneous workload application design. It also deploys the platform-level workloads found in VMmark2 such as vMotion, Storage vMotion, and Clone & Deploy.  In addition to incorporating new and updated application workloads and infrastructure operations, VMmark3 also introduces a new fully automated provisioning service that greatly reduces deployment complexity and time.

Figure 1: VMmark3

The VMmark3 Benchmark:

  • Allows accurate and reliable benchmarking of virtual data center performance and power consumption of host and storage components.
  • Allows heterogeneous workload comparisons between different virtualization platforms.
  • Allows the analysis of changes in hardware, software, and configuration within virtualization environments.

VMmark3 Application Workloads:

  • DVDstore3: The third generation DVDstore benchmark is a complete online e-commerce test application with a back-end database component, a web application tier, and driver programs. The application simulates users logging into a web server and browsing a catalog of products using basic queries. VMmark3 utilizes DVDstore3 with 4 virtual machines, 3 Apache web-tier VMs and 1 MySQL database VM.  One of the web servers delivers a constant load to the database, while the other two deliver a cyclical load to generate a bursty profile.
  • Weathervane: This is a highly scalable web application that contains a variety of support services working with a core application that simulates an online auction. Each VMmark3 tile contains two independent instances of the Weathervane Auction application, one static and one elastic, for a sum of 14 VMs (8 static and 6 elastic).  The elastic workload mimics self-scaling applications by periodically adding and removing an application server and web server throughout the benchmark run.
  • Standby: The standby server mimics a heartbeat server.

VMmark3 Infrastructure Operations:

  • vMotion: This infrastructure operation live migrates one of the Weathervane Auction RabbitMQ VMs in a round-robin fashion to simulate modern sysadmin operations.
  • Storage vMotion: For this operation, one of the Standby VMs is migrated to a user-specified maintenance partition and then, after a period of rest, returns to the original location.
  • XvMotion: This operation simultaneously moves one of the DS3WebA VMs to an alternate host and maintenance partition. Similar to Storage vMotion, after a period of rest, the VM will return to its original location.
  • Automated Load Balancing (DRS): VMmark requires that DRS be enabled and running to ensure typical rebalancing operations occur within the environment under test.

VMmark3 Provisioning Service:

  • VMmark3 features a highly-automated setup and tile-creation process that makes benchmark deployment fast and easy, with little to no manual intervention. The entire process is seeded from a single OVA and can be utilized in an unattended mode for tile0 to N. VMmark3 uses CentOS-based free or open-source software throughout, eliminating the need for purchasing additional software licenses.


NEW VMworld 2017 Bootcamp – vSphere Advanced Performance Design, Configuration and Troubleshooting

New this year for VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas, we will be offering a pre-VMworld bootcamp focused on vSphere platform performance. Specific SQL and Oracle bootcamps will still be offered, but we have had many requests for a workload agnostic program. This bootcamp will enable you to confidently support all your virtual workloads and give you an opportunity to directly interact with VMware Performance Engineering.

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