Technical deep dive on VMware VIew Planner

In our prior VMworld sessions and performance white papers, we have presented user experience performance results based on VMware View® Planner, a tool that can generate workloads that are representative of many user-initiated operations in VDI environments. While we have discussed briefly about this tool in prior occasions, there have been many requests to get the architectural details and inner working of the tool. To provide more deep dive and technical details on View Planner, we have recently published an article in the recent release of VMware technical journal (VMTJ Winter 2012), which can be found here: VMware View Planner: Measuring True Virtual Desktop at Scale.

View Planner supports typical VDI user operations and also administrator’s management operations that can be configured to allow VDI evaluators to more accurately represent their particular environment. In this paper, we describe the challenges in building such a workload generator and the platform around it, as well as the View Planner architecture and use cases. We also explain how we used View Planner to perform platform characterization and consolidation studies, find potential performance optimizations and several other use cases.


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