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Update on the VMware SD-WAN and VMware Edge Network Intelligence Requirement for VOP-SE

VOP-SE is required to sell VMware SD-WAN and VMware Edge Network Intelligence, however we are waiving that requirement through Q1 FY22 (through April 30, 2021).

VOP-SE (Subscriptions Expert 2020) is live in Partner University

VOP-SE (Subscriptions Expert 2020) is an accreditation designed for Partners transacting VMware Subscription Services through the resell model. VOP-SE is a Partner Connect requirement for reselling subscriptions and is the updated version of VOP-SE (Subscriptions Expert 2019).

This training provides an overview of VMware’s subscription services including:

  • the ‘basics’ (how to quote, order, and invoice for services)
  • how to transact the Purchasing Programs available for subscriptions
  • how to manage orders, Price Lists, and other processes using the Subscription Services Portal

Note, the SD-WAN by VeloCloud modules are not included in this release, but they are coming soon.