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Enhancements to Amazon RDS on VMware Functionality – Learn More Sep-24 or @ VMworld

Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS) on VMware is a fully managed database as a service, that automates administrative tasks for on-prem databases in VMware vSphere environments. Several new functionalities have been added to the RDS on VMware platform (Read Replicas,  SQL Server Always-On availability groups, Reserved Instance Pricing Option, and Proxy Server Support)  – view features here.

Register now to join the exclusive AWS Webinar for Partners on September 24, titled: Manage Databases in Private Datacenters with Amazon RDS.  AWS experts will provide an overview of the product – including its benefits, feature highlights, prerequisites, and use cases.

Registered for VMworld 2020?  Add this session (HCP3187S) to your conference agenda and plan to visit the VMworld Cloud City virtual booth for a demo! Interested in all the joint AWS-VMworld offerings at VMworld?  Take a moment to view this guide!

Meanwhile, visit this wepage or reach out to aws-rds-help@vmware.com for more information.