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Plan to Visit the Quarterly Launch Briefing Portal on August 21

This is your opportunity to preview the VMworld 2018 announcements and access executive briefings on new products and solutions to support customer IT priorities including Modernize Data Center, Integrate Public Cloud, Transform Networking and Security and Empower Digital Workspace. It’s important that you understand the significant partner opportunities and benefits of these announcements and the important calls to action to help you accelerate your business success. Bookmark this URL and access the Launch Briefing Portal on August 21.

What’s New in Partner Demand Center?

  • Custom is KingWatch this video to learn how to access content across VMware products and Strategic IT Priorities, customize emails and templates with your logo, value prop, and contact information, and how to share it via social channels or your digital programs.
  • Grow Your Business – Looking for marketing resources to assist in the vSphere/vSphere with Operations Management Upgrade to 6.5? We’ve got your back with Partner Edge – our all-inclusive package of content, programs, and integrated campaigns with analytics and lead management. Whether you execute on our platform or yours, you will own 100% of all leads generated.
  • Accelerate vSAN Sales – New Campaign that provides the latest vSAN online banners, campaign playbook, telemarketing script, social media copy blocks, and email nurture copy to generate and close your deals faster.

Start preparing for the New Year and login to Partner Demand Center today!

VMware Corporate Story, Customer Presentations, and More

Go here to access the latest VMware corporate story, IT priority resources, customer presentations, and more on Partner Central Marketing page.

View Partner Exchange @ VMworld 2017 General Session Video Replay and More

Over 4,000 partners attended Partner Exchange in the US and Europe.  Don’t be left in the dark.  Access this page for an event overview, to watch General Session video replay, and to download various presentations from the General Sessions, Business Growth Keynotes, and Breakout Sessions.