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VMware Carbon Black Endpoint Protection Solution Competency & Additional Courses Now Available

The Carbon Black Endpoint Protection Solution Competency is available on Partner University. This Solution Competency is comprised of the Endpoint Protection VSP, VTSP, and Post-Sales training. You can achieve the accreditation by completing the courses and passing the assessments, which will make you eligible for Solution Rewards on Carbon Black Cloud products.

FYI, the 5-day course for the Carbon Black portfolio is now available and it is a required course for anyone interested in achieving the Technical Post Sales accreditation for the Carbon Black Endpoint Protection Solution Competency. VMware Carbon Black Portfolio: Configure and Manage, is also available on our public enrollment schedule as Live Online modality with scheduled classes in September and October.

Reference this new Carbon Black Cybersecurity Outlook eBook, which outlines the arc of attacker behaviors over the last year. It then speaks to the response that defenders have put in place to mitigate and/or block the malicious attacks. Leverage this eBook to spot trends, evaluate response criteria and expertise, and plan product and service offerings to match the threats.

Upgrade to the New vRealize Suite 2018

Read this blog to learn more about the new features of vRealize Suite 2018  and how it makes private cloud easier to manage and consume with new self-driving operations, enhanced lifecycle management, and DevOps for CMP.

Winning vSAN Deals is Now More Profitable

Partners can now earn financial partner incentives on top of your current HCI Solution Rewards. To qualify for the Solution Rewards Accelerator Bonus, you need to be HCI competent , have two additional HCI VSPs (4 total), and have an approved Advantage+ opportunity tied to your vSAN order. Learn more.