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Tanzu enablement: Get up to speed on Tanzu Solutions

We’ve centralized all Modern Application training resources on Partner University so that you can easily find Tanzu Connect Webinar recordings, Hands-on Labs, and courses for Solutions, MSCs, and more all in one place! #schooled

The VMware Modern Application Platform (MAP) Solution Competency is a foundational step for you to gain the product expertise to successfully sell and deliver VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and VMware Tanzu Mission Control solutions to your customers. Note, if you gained provisional status from the VMware PKS Solution Competency, you will have until February 21, 2021 to complete MAP Solution Competency training to maintain your status.

Enroll to hear our Tanzu team talk more about how application modernization is a priority like never before, container usage is skyrocketing, and how Tanzu Basic allows you to run Kubernetes in vSphere to handle it all.

Unlock a New Tanzu Revenue Stream

Tanzu editions package app modernization capabilities into clearly defined bundles. Replay the ‘Discover Tanzu Editions – plus a 50% off Promo’ vmLIVE to find out how your customers can get more from containers and Kubernetes – and how you can increase profits, leveraging the up to 50% off vSphere with Tanzu promotion.

The new VMware vSphere with Tanzu campaign is for upgrading existing vSphere customers to vSphere with Tanzu, which opens the door for other upsell and cross-sell opportunities. vSphere 7 is key to infrastructure modernization and agile operations.

The Partner Solution Playbook for vSphere with Tanzu has just been released.

The VMware Tanzu page on Partner Connect has been redesigned to include sales and training assets to help your company accelerate your App Modernization process.

Note, the new Modern Applications Platform (MAP) Solutions Competency replaced the VMware PKS Solution Competency on August 21. If you have achieved the PKS Solution Competency or completed the requirements by September 21, you will be granted Provisional Status toward the MAP Solution Competency and will have until February 21, 2021 to meet new requirements. As a reminder, the MAP will help you:

Provisional Status for Server Virtualization Solution Competency Started on March 1

We are no longer accepting some older course versions (VSP & VTSP-SV 2015, Post Sales Accreditation vSphere 5.0 or 5.5, and VCP-DCV 5.0 or 5.5) for the Server Virtualization Solution Competency and those of you who have not updated your training have been put in Provisional status through 31 August, 2018. Access these FAQs and visit Partner University today to learn more.