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vSphere 7.0 Upgrades – Essential for Modern Cloud Infrastructure

Learn more more about the vSphere 7.0 upgrade and Assessment Tool. Conducting hardware compatibility assessments using the vSphere Assessment Tool will translate into hardware refresh sales opportunities, consulting services projects, and profits from new license sales. Access this vSphere 7.0 Playbook to find out how you can earn thousands in Sales Assessment Rewards.

HCI Sales Activation Playbook is LIVE

Download this easy-to navigate document today. It includes step-by-step guidance on process plus everything you need to sell VMware HCI – from market opportunity for current VMware vSphere customers to how to position and target, with popular use cases, current promotions and incentives, and tools to accelerate sales.

New Exciting Sales and Marketing Tools for VMware Cloud on AWS

To help you fast-start your hybrid cloud practice with VMware Cloud on AWS we’ve re-vamped the VMware Cloud on AWS page in partner central to make it easier for you to find information and added 25 new marketing assets to help you run demand gen campaigns. Additionally, there is an updated VMware Cloud on AWS partner FAQ and a new VMware Cloud on AWS partner playbook.