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VMware Places #10 on Forbes ‘The 2020 Just 100’ List

For the third year in a row, VMware has been named to one of America’s Most JUST Companies by JUST Capital and Forbes.  This year, VMware has placed #10 of 922 companies (and #3 out of 52 software companies). 

This year, JUST Capital’s Ranking model is comprised of 29 Issues across five stakeholder dimensions, including: how a company invests in its workers, treats its customers, supports its communities, reduces its environmental impact, and delivers value to its shareholders. Access their pollster report here.

VMware Named on Forbes World’s Best Employers list for 2019

VMware placed #120 on Forbes World’s Best Employers list for 2019

To create the ranking, Forbes partnered with Statista to cull their annual list of the world’s 2,000 largest public companies based on 1.4 million employment recommendations sourced from a global poll and regional surveys. Respondents around the world were asked to rate their own employer and the likelihood that they would recommend this employer to a friend or family member. They also rated other employers they admired.