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FY22 Development Funds Program Enhancements

Our FY22 (beginning on January 30) will bring some great enhancements to the Development Funds Program and Partner Rewards Portal, including a Brand-New activity. Be sure to attend one of our January training sessions to learn all about what’s new – register now for one of the five training sessions available (dates and times listed below for easy reference).

  • January 26: 8PM PST (9:30AM IST on January 27)
  • January 27: 8AM PST (4PM GMT) — or — 5PM PST (9AM SGT on January 28)
  • January 28: 8AM PST (4PM GMT) — or — 5PM PST (9AM SGT on January 29)

Development Funds: Upcoming Webinar Sessions on July 22 & 23

We continuously improve the VMware Partner Development Funds (DF) program to enhance your overall experience. All partners participating in our DF program are encouraged to attend one of the following ‘Refresher’ webinars where we will cover the Q3 FY21 activity detail updates, Partner Rewards Portal, best practices for executing virtual events, and how to register business courtesies. Each session will include time for Q&A.

Introducing Partner Connect Business Continuity Support

In recognition of the business challenges across the partner ecosystem, we are providing additional support to our partners and distributors. 

Our intent with these changes is to make it easier for partners to work with their customers to help them survive, and when this is all over, thrive. Please refer to our Business Continuity Partner Page to learn more about the offers and programs we have in place to support your conversations with customers. 

Should you have any questions about the above changes, please reach out to partnerconnect@vmware.com. 


Reminder to Take a Refresher Course on the Enhanced FY21 Development Funds Program

Be sure to register for one of the following 30-minute ‘refresher’ webinars, where we’ll share the new policy enhancements geared towards improving your and your partners’ experience with the VMware Development Funds program.

NEW Development Funds Guideline Policy is Coming in August

Access the Development Funds page and plan to attend/replay a training session this month to learn about the changes to the new policy and reach out to your PMM or PBM with questions.

Partner Rewards System Update – May 9, 2018

Clarification of Proposal Plan and Single Form Prior Approval Form:
It was initially communicated that effective May 7, 2018, the proposal plan format will be eliminated and one standard Prior Approval (PA) form will be used for all programs and funds.  However, final system configurations were made prior to the launch, and after initial communications, to mitigate impacts to PA and claims in flight. This means that:

    • For Q1 FY19 Funds (Feb. 3 – May 4, 2018), a Proposal Plan will still be required to submit and create a PA until Fund Expiration
    • For Q2 FY19 (May 5 – Aug 3, 2018) Funds, and going forward, the Single Form PA will be allowed and the Proposal Plan will no longer be required.

Joint Business Planning (JBP):
Earlier in the week it was determined that a defect in PA approval logic related to JBP requirements is preventing some partners from being able to submit PAs. For partners with a JBP that is Active and Approved,  the issue has been resolved and PAs can now be submitted to begin the approval process.