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March 9 | Sovereign Cloud Demystified Webinar

The landscape of cloud, having seen massive growth over the pandemic, is suddenly transforming with cloud repatriation initiatives that are being driven by strategic alignment of confidential data with national principles of sovereignty and protection. As sovereignty and Cloud are increasingly intertwined with emerging legislation and national policies embracing protectionism of data, what does this mean for companies and businesses that deal with national and vertical service providers?

Sovereign cloud demystified - webinar - Partner News - VMware

Don’t miss this week’s informative webinar in which Cameron Brown, Cybersecurity Commentator and Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Data Protection and Privacy, and Guy Bartram, Senior Director of Product Marketing at VMware, discuss what is happening in the cloud market, why it is happening and what companies can do to start aligning themselves to existing and future legislation regarding data privacy, data protection and sovereignty.

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