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Feature Fridays: Catch Numerous Upcoming Discussions to Elevate Your Work

Watch the following episodes, covering a range of topics:

VMware Cloud Director 10.4.1 and Container Service Extension 4.0: Discover this game-changer for delivering Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster-based infrastructure.
VMware Cloud Director Extension for VMware Data Solutions: Find out how this new extension plugin delivers RabbitMQ message broker, VMware SQL databases, and lifecycle management of instances.
Cloud Director Extensions SDK: Get up to speed on how these extensions remove some previous challenges with packaging, deployment, versioning and managing third-party application lifecycles.
Aria Operations Compliance Pack for Sovereign Cloud: Learn what’s new in the Sovereign Cloud Compliance pack for ARIA Operations, containing a comprehensive compliance checklist to help you maintain sovereignty posture. Note: This episode will be available March 3.
PeaSoup Cloud: Listen in to find out how this cloud-verified and zero-carbon-committed U.K.-based VMware cloud provider is using submerged liquid immersion technology.
VMware Cloud Director 10.4.1: Hear about the new updates and capabilities that make this product simpler to operate, manage and customize.
Monetizing Flex Core Add Ons: Explore how these add ons can deploy additional components to further differentiate your customer solutions further.

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