Demand Gen

New Localized Campaigns Are Available

  • Automate Cloud Operations: Tech and Economic Buyer Campaigns—The Tech and Economic Buyer campaign tracks enable you to help your customers and prospects modernize applications while accelerating cloud adoption, thereby increasing agility, optimizing performance and simplifying financial management.
  • Modern Workloads Mini Campaign Introducing vSphere and vSAN+—This mini campaign is intended to provide supplemental campaign materials related to the new subscription-based offerings: VMware vSphere+ and VMware vSAN+. With these new solutions, you can enable your customers to bring the benefits of cloud to on-premises and easily build, run, manage, and secure traditional and next-gen applications.
  • Scale Kubernetes Platform Operations Campaign—This campaign enables you to drive demand for VMware Tanzu® for Kubernetes Operations—the foundation for building a modern, containerized application infrastructure at scale across clouds.
  • Cloud Providers: Kubernetes as a Service GTM Kit—This kit covers the core features and benefits of the Kubernetes Clusters service, powered by VMware Tanzu, which allows you to offer customers a way to streamline the creation and lifecycle management of Kubernetes clusters.