Campaign to Drive Demand for VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations

This new campaign enables you to drive demand for VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations—the foundation for building modern containerized application infrastructure at scale across clouds.

VMware Tanzu Solution Is Now Coming for Sovereign Cloud Providers

The VMware Tanzu solution on sovereign cloud introduces capabilities for running modern applications for customers in highly regulated industries or have national data sovereignty requirements. VMware is now offering sovereign-ready Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and VMware Data Solutions for RabbitMQ. VMware will also offer VMware Data Solutions for SQL in preview and support for private deployments of Tanzu Mission Control. Read this 3-in-1 blog for the full scope.

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Replaces Tanzu Basic

VMware Tanzu is evolving to keep up with changes in requirements from partners and customers. Tanzu Basic transitioned to end of availability (EOA) on November 3. It is being replaced with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, which will offer cloud providers and their customers an upgraded Kubernetes runtime experience, a wider package of open-source software (OSS) components and a seamless transition pathway for modern application workloads. Cloud providers will need to renew Tanzu with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid when your entitlements expire.