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New Accreditation Requirements to Remain SDP Enabled

To remain SDP enabled after January 31, 2023, you must have achieved either:

  • New VOP – SE 2022 accreditation


  • New VOP – SC 2022 accreditation + VOP – SE 2021 accreditation

Following are the new 2022 VOP accreditations for reference:

VOP – SE (Subscriptions Expert 2022) accreditation is designed for partners transacting VMware Subscription Services. This provides foundational knowledge on how products in Cloud Partner Navigator (CPN) will operate and continuing education on VMware’s current Subscription Services Platform for products not migrated into CPN.

VOP – SC (Consumption Based Offering 2022) is the new standalone subscription module now available that focuses on overages and is designed to give partners a deeper understanding of the key concepts, processes and system tasks required to begin transacting VMware consumption-based subscription offerings.