Hitachi | VMware: Revolutionizing the Edge-to-Core-to-Cloud Infrastructure & Container Platform

Your Cloud, Your Way. No one can deny that cloud technology is transforming enterprise businesses for the better. Still, enterprise companies remain uncertain when it comes to how they can extract the maximum benefit when distributing workloads across multiple clouds – private, public, hybrid, on-prem, and at the edge. And that’s where Hitachi and VMware come in. Over our 23-year partnership, we have been at the forefront of delivering innovations. Our mutual cloud solutions enable you to modernize your digital infrastructure and adopt the best cloud infrastructure to run your workloads right where you need them, when you need them. 

Hitachi Sessions at VMware Explore 2022 

Come join us at VMware Explore 2022 in San Francisco, to understand how our data management, cloud, application technologies, and Everflex pay-as-you-go consumption models have helped to transform countless growing businesses and organizations across the globe.  

  • Visit Hitachi’s Booth #601 and learn how to impact your network easily and efficiently by leveraging VMware’s consolidated virtualization tools and app services, along with Hitachi’s integration and virtualization of storage. 
  • Join us at our Expo Theater Session to Take a Peek Into the Future of Hybrid Cloud [CMB3021USS]: Cloud expert and Director of Product Management at Hitachi Vantara, Paul Morrissey, will share how Hitachi has helped thousands of customers move from their virtualization roots to hybrid cloud, achieving their digital objectives. Success with Hybrid Cloud is dependent on having automated VMs, containers, and infrastructure auto-magically appear right-sized, with a foundation for a set of services that extend into hybrid cloud. 
  • Attend this high-impact Breakout Session: It’s as Easy as Riding a Bike: Live Data Migration to AWS [MCLB3008USS] where customers can take a journey with us via real-world use cases that highlight the adoption of automated hybrid cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation and vRealize Suite. To demonstrate how easy it is to move data where it’s needed most, we’ll migrate the data from an onstage bike ride in real-time from our Hitachi UCP RS to VMware Cloud on AWS. 

We can’t wait to see you at VMware Explore, where together, we will start unraveling the complexities of your cloud journey.