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What’s New in Partner Demand Center

Glance through this post for an overview of all the new campaigns and localized languages recently added to various Multi-Cloud, Anywhere Workspace, Modern Apps and Networking campaigns.

Learn more about our multi-cloud campaigns and ways to Build Pipeline with Multi-Cloud Campaigns.

Check out our PDC webinars, vmLIVEs (and replays) – especially for those of you interested in expanding your practice to include other VMware solutions.

If you didn’t see the recent Inside Track, be sure to login to the Partner Demand Center where you can launch the new VMware Modern Apps for VMware Tanzu and VMware SASE Work from Anywhere partner campaigns or choose from several Multi-Cloud and Anywhere Workspace campaigns in multiple languages, join us for an upcoming PDC live webinar on how to create web content syndication pages, and learn about how to create a nurture ‘story’ campaign in our can’t-miss Tip of the Month.