Horizon Shift to Subscription – May 5th Last Day to Purchase Perpetual Licenses

Reminder, Horizon Perpetual Licenses will no longer be offered after May 5, 2021. Effective May 6th, Horizon Perpetual Licenses will be End of Availability, with no net-new sales offered for existing and new customers.

What quotes will be honored and for how long?

Existing Horizon Perpetual License Quotes will be honored only if it was put into the quoting system and approved for procurement by May 5, 2021. After May 5, 2021, customers will no longer be able to make changes to that quote and will have to move to ‘term’ or ‘subscription’ as ‘perpetual’ will not be an option.

Note: Approval of the quote can take as many as 5 business days. To have your perpetual license quote approved, submit the quote as early as possible to have additional time to make necessary changes if it gets rejected the first time.

What about HPP credits?

If a customer has an existing HPP contract that includes the HPP eligibility matrix with Horizon perpetual SKUs, they can use their HPP credits to purchase Horizon perpetual licenses through the end of their contract.

Horizon perpetual License will be also be removed from ongoing HPP eligibility lists in May 2021. Any credit purchases made after May 5, 2021 cannot be redeemed for Horizon Perpetual licenses.