Your Partner Connect Program To Do List

  1. The Partner Connect Audit has now ended and we have reviewed each partner organization’s attainment towards Partner Connect Tier Level requirements. If your organization was not meeting program requirements on March 1, then your level may have been downgraded, affecting your benefits eligibility. Join us for the March 19 vmLIVE to learn more about the Partner Connect Program Annual Audit results and to understand what actions to take to progress within tier levels to maximize your benefits potential.

  2. Register for the March 22 vmLIVE to learn more about the resources for the new Commercial Partner Sales Plays that will help you capture opportunities in the commercial market.

  3. Review the Partner Connect Program Guide for information on the new incentives that deliver value across the full customer lifecycle and are focused on customer-centric outcomes that drive strategic and SaaS-driven engagements to create more opportunities. Increase your margins by helping them leverage their unique skills to drive customer value.

  4. If your Partner Connect Program unique renewal is in March, RENEW today through your Renewal Dashboard to maintain your ability to transact and progress in the Program.

  5. Check out the Top Trending Questions for renewal tips, key Program tools, and answers to your top-of-mind questions.