Partner Connect – Kicking off the New Year Strong

As part of on-going program governance, during February 2021 VMware will conduct the Partner Connect Program annual audit to review a partner’s performance in the Program. To maintain your current tier level and continue to have access to those incentives and benefits associated with your program tier, all tier requirements must be met. Please access your Partner Performance Dashboard today and replay the December 17 vmLIVE for more on this topic. NOTE: If you are only missing your Foundational training requirements, it can take as short as 90 minutes to complete.

If your Partner Connect Program renewal is due, RENEW today through your Renewal Dashboard. The reduced Program renewal fee is available through the remainder of our FY21 (January 29, 2021). We continue to post Top Trending Questions on the Partner Connect Program renewal, as well as audit processes and other tools.

Host Satellite Master Services Competency (MSC) launches on January 8. This program recognizes a partner’s expertise and investment in VMware services capabilities across a region. When the Host partner earns a full MSC, all approved affiliated Satellite partners in a region become eligible to earn a MSC with a subset of requirements. Review the MSC Program Guide and the Q4 Partner Connect Program Guide on January 8 for details.