VMware Cloud Provider Hub: vRealize Solutions Available this Quarter

VMware vRealize Network Insight Cloud will deliver an asset-light, flexible, and modular SaaS approach to delivering network visibility and analytics, enabling partners to help optimize and secure their tenant’s network infrastructure across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Note, if you need network visibility into both the data center and branch locations, these two services can be integrated to prove end-to-end visibility:

  • vRealize Network Insight Cloud for SD-WAN monitors networks with VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud to improve application performance, reduce WAN costs, and optimize expensive MPLS and internet connections for tenants.
  • vRealize Network Insight Cloud for Data Center monitors data center networks (Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud, NSX, SDDC, VM, and Kubernetes) and offers new services to deliver application discovery capabilities, that are powered by machine learning and automation.

VMware vRealize Operations Cloud will deliver self-driving operations to help cloud providers operate an efficient cloud and accelerate their top line growth. Powered by AI, it helps data center operators reduce OpEx and CapEx costs by reducing downtime with intelligent and proactive remediation, continuously optimizing performance, and increasing utilization. The cloud operations platform also enables providers to increase revenue by delivering key services to their customer tenants – from capacity planning services, to application monitoring services, to multi-cloud migration initiatives.