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CloudHealth by VMware Offering Now Available

CloudHealth by VMware is a market-leading public cloud management platform offered as a SaaS service. It can be used with any major public cloud to maximize customers insight into cloud usage, security, and governance. Partners can now sell CloudHealth by transacting generic SPP/HPP credits, which customers can redeem towards CloudHealth. Partners will also be eligible for transacting and supporting VMware led ELA deals.

3 thoughts on “CloudHealth by VMware Offering Now Available

  1. Zera Thomaz

    I was really happing to know about the CloudHealth by VMware. Hosting Provider Reviews This is the first time I am hearing about this public cloud management platform. I wish to learn more details about the same. Could you please share some related articles about it next time?

  2. بهترین جراح بینی در تهران

    best site in word thank you

  3. annajo

    CloudHealth helps a firm to increase its visibility into and across public and private cloud infrastructure. VMware acquires CloudHealth Technologies for multi-cloud management milspecretail. This article provided here gives us detailed data on CloudHealth by VMware. I read this and it is really informative.

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