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A Hybrid Cloud Path to Digital Transformation

Watch this video to get COMPAREX’s partner perspective on where they see customers’ focus for their digital transformation and hybrid cloud expectations, and how VMware vRealize plays a key role.

5 thoughts on “A Hybrid Cloud Path to Digital Transformation

  1. 2 player games

    this one need to be improved more. I cannot get the whole meaning of this. The video does say specifically about how it will transform and when exactly. So…?

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    Digital Transformation is a trend in 2019. Certainly, there are major pitfalls. And we study them at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Students often discover more and more items and tools. And this should help with the AI research in the future.

  3. Prashant Patel

    There are massive research prove & support this trend this days. IDG Research and IBM particular caught my eyes on this trend. These research demonstrate benefits to their digital transformation initiatives and hybrid cloud market growing.

  4. Deepti

    There are pnumber of studies indicate support this trend, but two in particular caught my attention those are IDG Research and IBM itself. These surveys demonstrate that not only is the hybrid cloud market growing, but it also benefits to their digital transformation initiatives…! Thanks a Lots

    Deepti Patel

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