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vSphere Data Protection: End of Life

VMware is discontinuing VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP), a general purpose backup product included with vSphere. VMware vSphere 6.5 is the last release which includes the VDP product. All existing VDP installations with active Support and Subscription (SnS) will continue to be supported until their End of General Support (EOGS) date. Learn more.

5 thoughts on “vSphere Data Protection: End of Life

  1. Andy

    VMcom is useless. First it doesn’t appear to be free (doesn’t say anywhere) and when you install it it’s in Evaluation mode. Second, it doesn’t work with ESXi free (fails when I tried to create a backup and it was trying to create snapshots). The quick guide says the vm can be deployed onto a standalone ESXi host (including ESXi free edition). What’s the point of this if I can’t create backups of vm’s on an ESXi host?

    The VMWare Infrastructure where you’re supposed to add your vCenter or ESXi host specifically says ESXi free is not supported!!

  2. Pavel Zak

    There are plenty of backup solutions to choose from. Personally, I have never been a fan of VDP and do not see this as a reason to switch to HyperV. Especially if you have already bought a vSphere license.

    If you’re searching for a cost-effective viable replacement for VDP, take a look at VMcom Backup Appliance (https://vmcom.com). A single VM with user-friendly web frontend, zero MS licenses required.

    Cheers, Pavel

  3. Igors Rotbarts

    Fully agree with Dawid.
    For such large company , it’s a shame do not have own solution for recovery.
    *Dell EMC is offering you a complimentary migration to the more robust and scalable Dell EMC Avamar Virtual Edition. *
    Got both VDP and Avamar Virtual Edition systems, they both not stable to rely.
    Let’s see what they announce on VMworld 2017.

  4. Dawid Fusek

    I see DELL is “working hard” to make VMware another lost technology and eaten by Microsoft, so this is a good way folks…
    ehhh :((
    So what with all that smaller than corporations companies that used VMare instead of MS Hyper-V ? Now they will have almost no doubts to migrate to MS :((
    that’s really bad choice mates, but I know that it wasn;t Vmware decision.
    Unfortunately our decision was to finish support of C# vSphere Client that we admins, engineers, IT Pros loved so much.
    This is also another reason why MS will most probably win :((
    Not a best business decisions in my opinion.

  5. gautam

    Why VMware is discontinuing VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP) . Its really sad . so what type of backup tool is launching the VMware ?

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