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The Power of Prospecting in North America

Selling today involves dealing with a diverse buying center with different needs and expectations. Still, you must add value to each of these buyers by meeting those needs in a mutually beneficial transaction for the buyer and the seller. In most cases, that is where selling begins. Most of us are focused on developing and closing an existing opportunity but sometimes forget the arduous job of generating those leads through marketing and – you guessed it – prospecting.

One of our jobs at VMware is to continuously offer our partners opportunities to learn and get rewarded for the amazing work they do on our behalf with their customers. An important tool in this mission is Velocity 2 Millions (V2M), where we reward you for generating new business. Truthfully, we want our partners to close the opportunities they already sourced, but we can never forget to continuously feed our funnel with new prospects and V2M is here to support you every step of the way.

V2M officially kicks off during our vmLIVE session Jan. 14th at 12:30PM EST/ 9:30AM PST, and this quarter we have a special guest joining us. Steve Kloyda, The Prospecting Expert, will share his prospecting secrets during the session, so be sure to register and join us. There is more… during our webinar we will pick one lucky winner to win 1,000 points in VMware Sales Rewards. You cannot miss the opportunity to learn some important tips from Steve and how to win BIG with V2M in Q1. Register HERE to attend the Jan. 14th vmLIVE.

During Q1, VMware partners will have multiple chances to win with V2M. Beginning January, all of the prospecting you do until the end of February may count toward our prizes. In addition, V2M will reward partners who close the most opportunities in-quarter and the teams that generate the most pipeline will win additional investments in marketing and training. Visit the V2M website for more information.

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