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Accelerating the Modern Application Platform with VMware and Pivotal


We have some exciting news to share! VMware, Inc. (“VMware”) completed its acquisition of Pivotal on December 30, 2019.   VMware and Pivotal share a long history of collaboration and innovation, reflected in the co-development and launch of VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS) in February of 2018. VMware has increased its Kubernetes-related investments over the Read more...

VMware Launches Cloud Native Master Specialist Exam & Badge


As VMware accelerates into the Kubernetes and Cloud Native Application space we rely on our partner’s skills and capabilities to help guide and deliver on our vision to customers.  Today we’re proud deliver another step in enabling our Partners’ success in this space with the VMware Cloud Native Master Specialist exam and badge.  This badge Read more...

Unveiling the VMware Cloud Native Master Services Competency


VMware has unveiled a new VMware Cloud Native Master Services Competency. This new Master Services Competency (MSC) will enable current and future partners to architect a Kubernetes-based platform supported by complementary technologies from the cloud native ecosystem for continuous delivery of applications. The Cloud Native MSC is intended for those individuals who focus on Cloud Native Operations, Development, Site Reliability Engineering, and DevOps.  This Master Services Competency builds upon Read more...