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VMware Partner Connect Offers Limitless Opportunities to Accelerate Your Success in the Multi-Cloud Era

The evolution of the VMware Partner Connect Program is here! With this optimized program, you have even more opportunities to transform your business and capitalize on the Multi-Cloud era.

The Partner Connect Program offers you unmatched support in maximizing your profitability with a uniquely flexible framework to help you go-to-market with VMware, accelerate your growth and reward you for the totality of your achievements and capabilities. It includes a more streamlined experience, an integrated yet flexible program structure, data insights from every part of your VMware business, and a predictable partner experience in whatever way you do business with VMware.

This industry-leading program is focused on driving your capabilities aligned to VMware SaaS and subscription strategy by providing:

  • A unified, flexible program with one universal point system connecting your full suite of capabilities, services and value motions across the full customer lifecycle.
  • Rewarding partner investments and capabilities to support customer success and accelerate your transition to SaaS/subscription.
  • New automated insights through the Partner Progression Dashboard, ensuring you can capitalize on the full value of benefits and incentives across all your VMware business.
  • VMware Ignite delivers expanded practice development to all partners across all routes-to-market. VMware Ignite is a proven practice activation and development program that helps you build capabilities and accelerate your growth with a uniquely structured end-to-end framework that is rigorous yet flexible and robust.
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Four Distinct Partner Business Models to Help Your Customers Become Cloud-Smart

The Partner Connect Program now has four distinct business models and a connected ecosystem, enabling more partner-to-partner collaboration so you can help your customers become cloud-smart and achieve outcomes faster. You can align to any of the models that fit your business, with each model opening a door to more incentives and even faster program progression. Supported business models now include:

  • Solution Reseller: Resells VMware software and services to customers.
  • Solution Services Provider: Offers services before and beyond the transaction, with an emphasis on pre-sales advisory and post-sales lifecycle services.
  • Cloud Services Provider: Offers VMware-based cloud and managed services on a geographic basis, including hybrid and multi-cloud services.
  • Solution Builder: Embeds VMware technology as an integrated component of their own software offerings.

New and Enhanced Incentives Aligned with VMware Cross-Cloud Services

New and enhanced incentives aligned with VMware Cross-Cloud services:

  • Sell Incentive: Backend rebate program aligned to partners’ program level rewarding eligible partners for selling SaaS, Subscriptions and Licensed Software. Now pays 2–10x more for SaaS and Subscription sales versus licensed bookings.
  • Activate Incentive: Rewards partners for providing professional services to customers to transition to a public cloud and activating and consuming VMware Cross-Cloud services.
  • Deployment Incentive: Designed to reward partners for accelerating their customers’ digital transformation with select VMware solutions for application modernization and multi-cloud.

New Influence Performance Points Provide Path for Non-Transacting Partners

If you are a non-transacting partner registered as Solution Services Provider, you now have a path to level up in the Partner Connect Program by earning performance points for influenced bookings. Solution Services Providers can now offer customers services before and beyond the transaction, with an emphasis on pre-sales advisory and post-sales lifecycle services.

Close Larger, Higher-Margin Deals Faster with Expanded Training, Competencies and Specializations

VMware offers 14 Solutions Competencies, 8 Master Services Competencies and 2 Specializations to help you close larger, higher-margin deals faster. You can now earn capability points toward program progression based on your investment in training, competencies and certifications.

VMware Partner Innovation Studio Is Coming Soon

The VMware Partner Innovation Studio is a co-innovation incubator unlike any other and will soon be available to you. You can use the Solutions Lab and Solutions Hub to minimize your expense and risk associated with innovation and solution curation, all while reducing the time it takes to bring solutions to market. It will offer you a great way for you to expand your managed services offerings with unique solutions and supports your go-to-market strategy needs.

VMware Go-to-Market (GTM) Sales Plays Support Your Business Transformation

VMware’s GTM Sales Plays now provide you with essential sales and marketing resources to target, qualify, engage and expand your customer footprint, resulting in more opportunities that close faster. The streamlined framework accelerates your sales motions through end-to-end GTM guidance.

It’s an Exciting Time to Be a Valued VMware Partner!

Through the Partner Connect Program, we are invigorating the VMware partner experience. Our strategy is for every VMware partner to own the customer lifecycle end-to-end, leading with services, partnering with others and building predictable, recurring revenue streams. By recognizing and rewarding your capabilities and performance, the Partner Connect Program truly offers you limitless opportunities.

New Partner Connect Resources

Thank you for your partnership.

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Tracy-Ann Palmer
Vice President,
Partner Programs and Experience


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