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Rackspace Technology, ITQ & Lenovo Share Testimonials on the VMware Partner Connect Program’s Next Evolution

Learn from valued VMware partners from Rackspace Technology, ITQ and Lenovo about how the new VMware Partner Connect Program brings exceptional value to their customers and unlocks limitless opportunities.

Edward Kerr, Senior Product Manager, Rackspace Technology, says that VMware’s Partner Connect Go-to-Market Resources has helped Rackspace Technology grow by giving financial resources to train so the company can focus on customers.

Francisco Perez, Founder, ITQ, shares, “VMware is enabling us, as a partner, to adopt the knowledge, innovation and new models that we can bring to customers.”

Mike McDonough, Executive Director, Software and Solutions, Lenovo, reports that the VMware Partner Connect Program presents opportunities, efficiencies and flexibility to the company.


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