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Build Your VMware Practice with VMware Ignite

Written by Tim Schiewe, Director of Partner Programs, VMware

Tim Schiewe

We recently announced the next evolution of VMware Partner Connect to maximize partner investments and help partners harness the growing opportunity in multi-cloud. As part of this transformation, I’m thrilled to share that the VMware Ignite Practice Development Program is now more broadly available for new and committed partners and distributors that want to build their VMware practices.

VMware Ignite is a unique partner practice activation and development program with a rigorous and proven methodology offering structured development paths to build capabilities across technical, sales and marketing functions. This proven methodology drives our partners to develop formalized VMware practices, resulting in industry-leading partner return on investment and monetization.

VMware Ignite Partner Benefits

  • Proven milestone-based approach provides a structured VMware-supported path to build marketing, sales and technical capabilities
  • Additional revenue streams can drive increased bookings, services engagements, ecosystem sales and profits
  • First-in-line access to exclusive trainings and VMware experts to support sales and development efforts

These Partner Connect Program enhancements recognize and reward partner capabilities and performance while delivering an elevated experience. The VMware Ignite practice development framework invests in VMware partners to help accelerate their ability to sell and deploy VMware solutions and accelerate their transition to become SaaS and subscription businesses to capture the multi-cloud opportunity.

Watch this overview video to learn more about the VMware Ignite Program. Register your interest by completing this form, and we will notify you of your eligibility and next steps.


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  1. I think building a VMware practice with VMware Ignite is a great idea. VMware Ignite is a comprehensive training and certification program that can help professionals and businesses develop the skills and expertise needed to work with VMware’s virtualization and cloud computing technologies.

    By investing in VMware Ignite, businesses can not only gain a competitive edge in the market, but also have the opportunity to expand their services and offerings to clients. As more and more companies look to virtualize their infrastructure and move to the cloud, the demand for professionals with VMware expertise will only continue to grow.

    I believe that investing in VMware Ignite is a smart move for any business looking to build and grow their VMware practice. The training and certification provided through the program can help professionals and businesses stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices, and position them as trusted advisors to their clients.

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