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Blazeclan Technologies Propels Businesses into the Next Decade of Hybrid Cloud Transformation with VMware Cloud

Blazeclan Technologies did not start out as a cloud integrator. Instead, it was a startup that had built its product on top of a cloud platform. When that product did not take off, however, Blazeclan decided to leverage its skills and capabilities in the cloud to help other startups that were trying to migrate to or build a product on the platform.

Ten years on and with more than 3,000 projects under its belt, the technology firm has expanded its clientele and scale. From four people in headquarters in India, Blazeclan now has a strong presence in the ASEAN countries as well as Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America. It is also a Premier AWS Consulting partner and a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner.

Blazeclan Works with Customers to Meet Needs for on-Premises and Cloud-Based Environments

In Singapore, Blazeclan works with local companies and multinational corporations, mainly from the financial services industry.

For example, legacy insurance companies are used to working through a network of agents on the ground to sell their financial products, but a new generation of customers prefers a digital customer experience. To cater to them, insurance companies have to go digital, and many turn to the cloud but end up running two environments separately: one in the cloud and one on premises. This is highly inefficient.

“We realized quite quickly that not all customers will go on cloud 100 percent. For those in industries with strict regulatory requirements, they will have to maintain on-premises environments. Considering that the future would be a hybrid cloud future, we needed a partner who understands the on-premises environment well and who also has capabilities of managing hybrid environments. This is where VMware comes into play.”

Varoon Rajani, Founder and CEO, Blazeclan
Varoon Rajani - Blazeclan - Power of Partnership - VMware
Varoon Rajani, Blazeclan

Blazeclan initiated the partnership with VMware about two years ago, given the critical need to empower its customers with a seamless hybrid environment and a single pane of glass for monitoring and managing workloads on premises and in the cloud.

VMware Multi-Cloud Solutions Help Organizations Migrate to the Cloud Quickly and Efficiently

The VMware Multi-Cloud solutions enable organizations to move to the cloud while leveraging existing resources, so there’s no need to recode apps or modernize infrastructure. The solutions enable companies to operate consistently across the data center, the edge and any cloud to bring about better security, lower costs and quicker time to value.

VMware Cloud on AWS represents a key go-to-market strategy for Blazeclan, which has embarked on the path to achieve the VMware Cloud on AWS Master Services Competency by getting their consultants certified.

“Sales enablement is relatively easy to deliver. But what is tough is pre-sales training, technical training and training the delivery teams. That is where VMware has supported us very well. So that’s where we are more confident to not only win a project but to also deliver it excellently.”

Suranjan Banerjee, Vice President, Enterprise Sales, Blazeclan
Suranjan Banerjee - Blazeclan - Power of Partnership - VMware
Suranjan Banerjee, Blazeclan

Aiming to be the first cloud computing unicorn in the world, Blazeclan sees VMware Cloud on AWS as just the first step. It is already looking ahead to VMware Cloud for Azure as well as Tanzu services.

“In the last decade, we helped a lot of our customers with their public cloud transformation journey. The next decade, I believe, would be all about multi-cloud and hybrid cloud transformation. With VMware, we are very excited to bring the right hybrid cloud solutions for our customers and help them succeed in this new environment.”

Varoon Rajani

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  2. Rajani believes that with the advent of the cloud and advancements in machine learning and AI algorithms, data sets that are currently operating in retro bowl silos might be brought together on a single platform.

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