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Xtravirt Becomes First EMEA Partner to Achieve VMware Partner-Led Customer Success Specialisation

Written by Robin Gardner, Strategic Services Director, Xtravirt

Robin Gardner

We are a leading cloud consulting and managed services business that works extensively with VMware customers. The decision to invest in attaining VMware’s Partner-Led Customer Success Specialisation was a no-brainer for us as customer Success has always been more than a job title, it’s a company-wide philosophy, deep-rooted in our culture.

I’m delighted to share that Xtravirt recently became the first VMware partner in EMEA to achieve the Partner-Led Customer Success Specialisation. We are deeply committed to continually improving the extensive capabilities needed to help our customers realise the full value and benefit of their VMware investments.

“As a services organisation, we are judged on the outcomes we enable our customers to achieve and assuring the success of those we work with; this ultimately secures our own future success.”

Robin Gardner, Strategic Services Director, Xtravirt

Partner-Led Customer Success Specialisation Recognizes Partner Capabilities

VMware’s new Partner-Led Customer Success Specialisation recognizes our capabilities in delivering a consistent and excellent customer experience. Customer Success practices that we provide help ensure our customers continuously realize value from cloud, SaaS, and subscription offerings and achieve outcomes faster.

“This new specialisation is part of the next evolution of VMware Partner Connect which maximizes partner investments while helping partners capture the growing opportunity in multi-cloud. We are thrilled to acknowledge Xtravirt as the first VMware EMEA partner to achieve the VMware Partner-Led Customer Success Specialisation and guide their customers through the multi-cloud journey with VMware solutions.”

Petra Heinrich Liedtke, VMware Vice President, Partner & Commercial Organisation, EMEA

In case you’re not familiar with Xtravirt, we are continually trailblazing in the VMware partner ecosystem as a cloud consulting and managed services business. In addition to being the first partner in EMEA to be awarded the Customer Success Specialisation, we are also one of the first partners in the world to achieve seven Master Services Competencies (MSCs). We invest ahead of the curve when it comes to technical expertise and continuously innovate and expand our consulting and managed services to put the needs of customers front and centre.

Our Customer Success Commitment

Combining outcome-led consulting with a flexible portfolio of managed services enables us to engage collaboratively with customers, delivering beyond initial deployment to full adoption and business case realisation. Being recognised as a worldwide leader in Customer Success is a further demonstration of our commitment to ensuring better outcomes for our customers throughout the lifetime of their IT investments. 

All too often, IT project teams celebrate success on the day the technology goes live, rather than once the promised value is being delivered. It is particularly true in the adoption of cloud solutions, that the value of those investments will not be realised until the organisation is able to implement, adopt and robustly manage their new technologies.  Through Xtravirt Managed Services (XMS), our customers can access tailored packages of support, easing their transition through early life into steady state operations.  XMS assists a client’s adoption of new solutions, accelerating time to value, while also ensuring they maintain control of risk, compliance, and security.

At Xtravirt, we are truly champions of customer success and want to ensure our clients realise greater value for longer from their cloud strategy. Breaking through the barriers to customer success is not just about knowing the next steps, it is having the skills, processes, and organisational capacity to deliver these and reach the chosen destination. As a VMware partner, we are proud to be the first company in EMEA to achieve the Customer Success Specialisation.

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