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Freedom and Control in a Multi-Cloud World: HPE Discover 2022

HPE and VMware believe in a cloud-smart vision and continue to jointly innovate solutions that enable organizations to drive digital transformation, modernizing from the edge to the cloud. Together, we help customers tackle IT complexity to give them the freedom and control to manage business-critical workloads—wherever they reside. Throughout our 20+ year partnership, we have served as trusted advisors to over 200,000 mutual customers globally, with more than 25,000 solution experts and 100,000 partners in our shared ecosystem.   

The path to digital modernization for most customers means upgrading legacy infrastructure and tapping into high computing power that drives strategic deployments, high performance, and AI-led innovation.

As Joseph George, Global Vice President for Compute, Industry, and Alliances, explains, “Customers are looking to build and manage their digital applications and users in a distributed, multi-cloud world. HPE, together with VMware, addresses this critical concern as customers manage digital transformation.”

Join VMware and HPE at HPE Discover 2022 in Las Vegas June 27-30, as we showcase our integrated suite of flexible, scalable solutions that help customers on their journey to Multi-Cloud. Throughout the conference, you will find featured breakout sessions, Hands-on Labs, and demos that highlight the strengths of the VMware-HPE alliance with a focus on our latest joint innovations:

  • VMware Cloud Foundation with HPE Greenlake
  • HPE’s solution supporting VMware’s Project Monterey, Hybrid, and Anywhere Workspace solutions
  • AI/ML Enterprise-Ready Infrastructure

Data-first digital transformation with 360-degree security: VMware’s Project Monterey and HPE’s supporting solution

The journey to the cloud has disrupted traditional business operations. These are the facts:

  • 90% of companies are in the cloud, and 60% of workloads are now cloud-based. Source 1
  • 80% of organizations are moving to a hybrid cloud faster than before. Source 2
  • Research shows that customers are increasing cloud deployments by 26% over the next three years, and app modernization will be a top priority for over 90% of them. Source 3

This age of digital and cloud transformation has introduced new challenges for IT, including ever-increasing pressure on server CPUs, resulting in less-than-optimal performance. VMware’s Project Monterey (announced at VMworld 2021) is the next major step in the evolution of cloud infrastructure for modern applications. The increasing velocity of digital transformation, coupled with the adoption of data analytics as mainstream IT technology, is impacting the design and architecture of the next generation of data centers. HPE, in partnership with VMware, is developing a new system architecture for Project Monterey, which is a system architecture that enables the performance, security, and as-a-service demands of these next-gen apps. HPE’s solution supporting VMware’s Project Monterey will serve the need for a cloud-ready turnkey appliance built on a dominant software stack that can offer DPU offload and performance capabilities. 

To learn more about HPE’s solution supporting VMware’s Project Monterey current implementation, meet us at Booth #332 or attend these sessions: 

  • Breakout [BB4818] – Free Your CPU Cycles for Revenue-Generating Workloads with HPE’s Solution for VMware’s Project Monterey
  • Theater [T4819] – An End User’s Journey to Boost Workload Performance with HPE ProLiant Servers Supporting VMware Project Monterey

Uncover a simple path to the hybrid cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and HPE ProLiant 

With VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and HPE ProLiant, customers get a simple path to a hybrid cloud. You can expect a fully integrated, software-defined solution across compute, storage, network, security, and cloud management, that enables you to run applications in private and public cloud environments. With HPE GreenLake, customers can access VCF as a fully managed service on the HPE ProLiant platforms.  Customers can also dynamically configure composable resources to manage the demands of VCF workloads and accelerate their journey to a true hybrid cloud model with built-in security. With Tanzu, VMware Cloud Foundation 4.4 and vSphere 7.0U3 are common platforms providing powerful and consistent experiences for developers of both Kubernetes-orchestrated, container-based, and traditional virtualized apps.  

To hear the latest updates on VCF, meet us at Booth #332 or attend these sessions:

  • Breakout [BB5350] – HPE GreenLake with VMware Cloud Foundation for Multi-Cloud Workloads and AI Ready Infrastructure
  • Breakout [TB4784] – Optimizing HPE Storage for VMware: Best Practices for Building Your Own Private Cloud

Disaggregated HPE Storage (dHCI) with HPE on Alletra

Extend your virtualized workloads to a cloud deployment model with a cost-optimized and flexible approach to deployment. HPE GreenLake and VMware Cloud Foundation with HPE storage introduces a flexible approach to deploying dHCI systems, particularly HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, into your VMware Cloud Foundation architecture. 

To learn more about HPE Storage with VCF, meet us at Booth #332 or attend Breakout [BB4951] – Deploy and Manage Workloads in a Cloud Style with HPE GreenLake and VMware Cloud Foundation

AI-Ready Enterprise Platform

AI is fueling a revolution in how businesses and researchers think about problems and their computational solutions. NVIDIA and VMware’s AI-Ready Enterprise Platform combines the powerful capabilities of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise Suite with VMware vSphere and the full stack VMware Cloud Foundation to transform infrastructure to support developer workloads integrated with a comprehensive AI development environment. Hosted on HPE ProLiant servers, the platform speeds the development of AI-driven applications and pools AI and existing business workloads into a single place for easier management and faster provisioning.  

To learn more on AI solutions, meet a VMware expert in our booth (Booth #332) or attend Breakout [BB5350] – HPE GreenLake with VMware Cloud Foundation for Multi-Cloud Workloads and AI Ready Infrastructure

Hybrid Workplace Solutions

VMware and HPE’s integrated workforce solutions offer powerful capabilities to better prepare today’s “anywhere workforce” solution. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Anywhere Workspace solutions, and HPE GreenLake VDI-as-a-Service allow customers to easily manage and secure virtual desktops and physical devices and build a sustainable, unified remote work infrastructure.  

To learn the latest updates, talk to a VMware expert in the event showcase area or attend Theater [T5349] – HPE GreenLake Consumption-Centric VMware Anywhere Workspace with Zero Trust Security

HPE and VMware are working toward multi-cloud autonomy focused on customer outcomes. The market is increasingly multi-cloud, with 80% of customers planning to distribute their applications across multiple clouds, the data center, and the edge.

Now is the time to uncover how HPE GreenLake with the VMware portfolio can propel your digital future by simplifying even those most complex multi-cloud transformations.  

Source 1 – Cloud Adoption Statistics for 2020, Hosting Tribunal, 2020. 

Source 2 – “State of the Cloud Report” Flexera, May 2020. 

Source 3 – Cloud Adoption Statistics for 2020, Hosting Tribunal, 2020. 

Thank you for your partnership.

Ricky Cooper

Vice President,
Global and Transformational Partners


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