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PROEN Corp Helps Enterprises Get to the Cloud Faster and Safer with VMware SD-WAN

Cloud migration continues to be on the rise in Southeast Asia as organizations become increasingly aware of the need to create networks that are resilient and capable of supporting new ways of doing business. With more workloads moving from on-premises to cloud, the need for flexible and secure access for different applications across various cloud providers has become crucial.

PROEN Corp, one of the pioneer providers of VMware SD-WAN in Thailand, has been enabling companies to boost network capacity and bandwidth so that they can have a faster connection to the cloud.

As a provider of Internet Services, Internet Data Center, ICT solution and business telecom services, PROEN serves three main groups of customers: tech startups, digital entertainment businesses, and enterprise firms.

While tech startups tend to be cloud-native, enterprise firms are the ones having the biggest challenges with digital transformation. For many of them, accessing the cloud quickly and securely is an issue because their traditional Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) circuits do not give them enough bandwidth.

For instance, one of their customers in the healthcare industry used to rely on two MPLS circuits to connect to its branches around the country. Medical staff in the headquarters and branches would collaborate remotely via video conferencing but the limited bandwidth on MPLS resulted in the video lagging or freezing, which impacted the employees’ productivity. And if both connections went down at the same time, which had happened before, it could literally become a life and death issue.

By deploying VMware SD-WAN, which optimizes traffic over multiple connections, PROEN helped the customer to improve uptime and performance exponentially, without increasing infrastructure or operating costs. Employees can now collaborate seamlessly whether it’s on voice or video.

Growing VMware SD-WAN in Thailand

PROEN was one of the first to provide VMware SD-WAN about five to six years ago, when the solution was still under VeloCloud.

After the solution came under VMware, there was a big boost in professional go-to-market resources from the marketing and channel teams, which supported us in building brand awareness for the solution,” says Visrut Manunpon, Vice President, Business Development, PROEN Corp Public Company Limited. “Today, VMware SD-WAN is one of our core offerings.”

Convinced of the solution’s market potential in Thailand, PROEN invested in infrastructure to host the solution in its data center, as well as other data centers to ensure 100-percent uptime. The company has also invested in the training of its engineers, all of whom have the VMware SD-WAN certification and can offer top-quality service to customers.

In our industry, everyone talks about good service,” says Visrut. “At PROEN we walk the talk by providing 24-hour support on every project at no extra charge. We provide a proactive framework where we monitor the system and alert the customers of issues before they are even aware of them. This is how we exceed expectations.”

Beyond SD-WAN to SASE

As businesses move more applications to the cloud and allow users to access them remotely, they are looking to protect themselves from ever-evolving security threats.

To cater to this, PROEN has expanded its offerings beyond VMware SD-WAN to other SASE components, such as Workspace ONE, so that employees, apps and devices can communicate from anywhere securely with the same experience.

For our customers, the biggest value of SASE is that it’s simple to operate from a single platform and application performance is assured, saving them time and effort,” says Visrut.

By leaning into more VMware solutions, PROEN aims to grow its focus from the data center to networking and virtualization, so that it can become a one-stop shop for its diverse customers.

Visrut adds: “We see VMware as our strategic partner and together we can develop new solutions to help our customers succeed in the new normal.”


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