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New Customer Success Expert Accreditation Now Available

Today we are announcing the availability of VMware’s latest Customer Success Accreditation for partners, Customer Success Expert. Customer Success Expert for VMware Partners is the third accreditation launched to support partners leading VMware customer success delivery.

Tied to our Cloud-Smart approach, is a focus on delivering customer value—not just driving transactions. With this in mind, we’ll be launching a new Customer Success Competency later this year, with initial accreditations available now at Partner University. This creates a model of shared IP and Customer Success data that is tied to incentives, and you can start working on the foundational accreditations for this competency today.

We are building a clear path for partners to lead on Customer Success delivery. We have many partners on their way to achieving Customer Success accreditations. Partners who have earned all three accreditations will be able to lead and collaborate on Customer Success opportunities.

Access Partner University to get started on the Customer Success Expert accreditation training and learning modules.

Contact msc@vmware.com or Partner Connect Support with questions.


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