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Sustainable Innovation With Dell Technologies and VMware

The world is progressing towards a healthier, more sustainable tomorrow. That’s why Dell Technologies and VMware prioritize safe, sustainable, and equitable practices across the ecosystem of today’s business as we strive to be global leaders in sustainability innovation.

In fact, for both Dell Technologies and VMware, we believe sustainability is more than a value, it is core to our future success.

We share a legacy of enabling positive environmental impact through our technology solutions and continue to decarbonize digital infrastructure across our customer ecosystem, value chain and operations.

As leaders in our respective fields, Dell Technologies and VMware are jointly committed to developing ground-breaking and sustainable solutions and giving customers the best of what both organizations have to offer as we look ahead to our individual 2030 goals.

Minimizing our footprint, responsibly

Dell Technologies and VMware work together to create safe environments and support supply chain resiliency that ensures safe and responsible products. At the same time, we are working with our suppliers to help reduce their environmental footprint. Independently, each organization rewards the people who builds our products, insisting upon ethical practices, respect, and dignity for all workers.

As we all know, digital transformation has become a rallying cry for industry innovation. But as digitization increasingly relies on transitioning to new powerful systems and expanding infrastructure, more efficient technology, and new approaches to reducing the energy used to cool data centers are needed. From consolidating products to developing new, less intensive technologies that reduce the carbon footprint in data centers, Dell Technologies and VMware are making it easier to adopt, deploy, and run more energy efficient solutions.

Project Monterey is a great example of our joint innovation and our ability to leverage today’s smart network-interface cards (SmartNIC) hardware capabilities to offload VMware’s compute, storage, and networking virtualization, security, and management capabilities. A SmartNIC is a NIC with a general-purpose CPU (ARM processor), out-of-band management, and virtualized device functionality. This offloading frees up a host’s core CPUs to support additional business applications, improve performance, and facilitate sharing of hardware components like GPUs, FPGAs, and storage across a host cluster. This can minimize the host infrastructure needed to support business workloads, while also reducing energy and carbon. Our development teams are working to quantify this energy and carbon-reduction benefit, along with potential CAPEX and OPEX savings, and will share those metrics when they are available.

Committed to developing sustainable solutions

  • Dell PowerEdge: We have reduced PowerEdge’s energy intensity by 83% since 2013.2
  • Dell PowerStore: PowerStore guarantees 4:1 data reduction to support infrastructure consolidation.3
  • VMware Cloud Foundation: Enables customers to replicate public clouds more efficient, shared environments and higher utilization to collectively avoid the deployment of 142 million servers, the consumption of 2.4 billion megawatts of energy, and the emission of 1.2 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases.3

VMware sustainability actions:

Consolidating global IT for sustainability

Our customers are already reaping the benefits of our joint sustainability efforts. SMC Corporation of America (SMC) partnered with Dell Technologies and VMware to consolidate global IT and transform business for greater efficiency and sustainability. SMC standardized on Dell Technologies and VMware across 83 countries to enhance efficiency while also improving team collaboration and innovation. As SMC transformed its IT environment, the organization kept a constant eye on sustainability.

“With partners like Dell and VMware, we are leveraging the technology of a hyperconverged platform through VMware’s Cloud Foundation on VxRail and PowerScale. This incredible partnership gives us the ability to protect our capital investments and achieve our sustainability mission, while knowing we have the support necessary throughout the life of the project. As technology changes, our partnership with Dell and VMware enables us to grow with them,” shared Mike Loggins, VP of Global IT, SMC. “SMC has been around for 62 years, and we plan to be in business for another 100. Sustainability is an important consideration in everything we do.”

Sustainable innovation in support of our vision

When it comes to sustainable infrastructure, our strategy for meeting our respective 2030 moonshot goals is to make products more energy efficient and reduce thermal management and cooling needs.5,6 We are also working to optimize the infrastructure in an environment to run more efficiently with a smaller physical footprint. With the power of innovation from Dell Technologies and VMware and our joint customers, team members, and communities, we are building a brighter future together.

Click here to learn more about our sustainability commitment and goals.

Visit us at Dell Technologies World, where we have several sessions that will showcase our joint innovation and commitment to sustainability.

  • Transform Your Organization with Five Technology Breakthroughs from VMware and Dell Technologies [Session ID: 9905B]. From security and automation to cloud-native apps, and artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerated insights, Dell Technologies and VMware together are changing how advanced technologies are managed and consumed. Grounded in collaboration, we focus on jointly engineered solutions to bring unique value to our stakeholders. In this session, learn our latest technology breakthroughs, including simplifying IT transformation with lower costs, better performance, automated management, and more.
  • Meeting Global Energy Demand while Accelerating the Energy Transition and Advancing Decarbonization [Session ID: 8802P]. Meeting global demand for energy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions requires a digital energy transformation. At Dell Technologies, we are working with partners—including Intel and VMware—to develop a range of solutions for the energy industry. Find out how Dell Technologies is helping customers execute their digital energy transformation, including solutions for grid modernization, substation digitalization, distributed energy resource management, and decarbonization.
  • Customer Spotlight: IT Evolution Journey with VxRail [Session ID: 9900B]. VxRail has been a catalyst to transform IT operations across core, edge, and cloud. VMware and Dell Technologies’ jointly engineered hyperconverged infrastructure solution that provides simplicity and scalability to address evolving workload demands. Join us to review the current VxRail landscape and hear how our customers have adopted and expanded with VxRail as new use cases and business demands have grown.

Please meet us at Dell Technologies World!

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2.              Based on internal analysis, April 2021

3.              4:1 average rate guaranteed across customer applications. Rates for individual applications may vary. See Future-Proof Program terms and conditions for details.

4.              A 2020 IDC report, sponsored by VMware: “Enabling More Agile & Sustainable Business through Carbon-Efficient Digital Transformations,” August 2020.



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