The Path to Profitability With VMware Tanzu

VMware’s Strategic Investments to Accelerate Partner Capabilities in Application Modernization  

Application modernization is rapidly becoming a top business priority. According to VMware’s 2021 Market Insights Report, 91 percent of executives say their major app initiative is to migrate and modernize legacy apps. Modernization efforts are pervasive; the same report found that by 2024, over half of all applications are expected to be modern applications. As enterprises continue to invest in modernization, partners can expect bigger revenue opportunities as well as new lines of business and buyers.  

As part of VMware Cross-Cloud™ services, VMware Tanzu enables partners to help their customers build, run, and manage modern apps on any cloud leveraging enterprise-grade Kubernetes. VMware Tanzu enables development and operations teams to work together in new ways that deliver transformative business results. Partners can help their customers simplify multi-cloud operations and free their developers to move faster with easy access to the right resources. 

VMware is investing in partners to capture the modern apps business opportunity with Tanzu by offering enhanced sales and services incentives, technical enablement, and a unique opportunity to co-sell solutions with leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).  

Increased Solution Discounts, Joint-Selling Focus, and Rewards for Advisory Activities 

VMware now offers enhanced Opportunity Registration benefits for Tanzu solutions, tripling the upfront margin discount for new customer opportunities. Deals registered over $250K with our most invested Partner Connect partners will automatically become eligible for joint pursuit planning with VMware sales, via the Partner Value Registration program. Learn more from the blog Evolving Partner Profitability to Provide Greater Opportunities and Rewards by Tracy-Ann Palmer, VMware Vice President of Partner Experience and Programs. 

In addition to enhanced Opportunity Registration benefits, VMware offers compelling pre-sales and post-sales Services Incentives for Tanzu. Rewards are available for performing Tanzu proof of concepts, customer technical assessments, and solution deployments. 

Earning Customer Trust with Sales, Technical, and Delivery Training and Accreditations  

VMware is committed to helping partners build modern application sales knowledge and services-delivery capabilities. A first step is earning the VMware Modern Application Platform Solution Competency, which verifies a partner’s technical and sales solution knowledge. As you develop your Tanzu practice, you can identify yourself as an organization capable of delivering infrastructure transformation and DevSecOps project by earning the VMware Cloud Native Master Services Competency.  

By earning competencies, partners gain access to a broader set of incentives and payouts. To date, more than 10,000 partner individuals have completed a variety of VMware accreditations and certifications. VMware currently offers IP and reference designs for Application Developers on Tanzu Developer Center and industry certification for Spring developers. VMware will be launching new Learning Subscriptions for Platform Operators and Application Developers to help reduce financial outlay and time commitment towards developing Tanzu technical expertise. These new subscriptions will be available to partners in April 2022 and include prerequisite courses aligned to VMware competencies and certifications for Tanzu and Spring. 

Enabled to Sell the Whole Solution 

Sell Tanzu better with data-centric, intelligent ecosystem software through VMware’s new co-sell program between VMware Tanzu and ISVs focused on app modernization. These ISVs offer solutions that help customers accelerate business decision making, scale, and security with artificial intelligence/machine learning models, data apps, and advanced DevSecOps tooling.  

VMware’s new co-selling program offers joint solutions for customers’ business needs with greatly simplified procurement. Customers can now buy ISV solutions along with VMware Tanzu solutions on the same invoice from a partner. Partners can jointly pitch to customers with VMware and ISV sellers then leverage deal support to negotiate custom pricing for each deal.  

Next Steps to Help your Customers Modernize 

VMware is committed to helping Partners move our joint customers to cloud and modernize legacy applications with great efficiency–and at a higher profit.  

Connect with your VMware representative to learn how to begin selling Tanzu, develop Modern Applications services delivery capabilities, and take advantage of incentives available.  

Richard Steeves

Senior Director,
Worldwide Modern Applications Partner Sales, VMware


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